Feral PvP Macro - Working Macro - 6.0.3. (Macro_Toolkit)

Hello guys, I’m back after a vaccation and noticed all updates surrounding macro_toolkit and such like it.
I’ve made an feral pvp macro that is working really good and I hope that it will work as much for you as it does for me.

My talents are 3,3,3,2,3,3,3 and this is an unkillable set-up since it all got the healing bonus, and now since you can cast healing touch while in cat form it’s even better, haha!

My glyphs are Savage Roar, Survival Instincts, Cat form.
My minor glyphs are Cheetah, Chameleon, Grace.

Why Savage Roar? Because if you Shred or Rake while prowling, it’ll benefit you with that you get a x5 Savage roar (+40% dmg) instead of having to waste your combo points on that ability.
Why not use the passive savage roar glyph? Why waste -10% damage when you can use all of the 40%, you want to have full nuke whenever you get the chances!

Why Survival instincts? Better to have 1.33min recharge and 3 secs actived protection instead of having to wait several minutes and seconds and get wreckted.

Why cat form? It says all itself, increased healing when in cat form. Having my talents + doing rejuvenation together with Cenarion Ward will heal you full health within just a few seconds inside the arenas, if your not playing with an healer so that is why you should use this and not the Nine Life glyph, since I don’t believe that is necessary.

Remember to have your mouse pressing at 0.5/sec so that all abilitys can be used!

Here is the macro:

#showtooltip Shred
/castsequence reset=target Rake, Shred, Shred, Rip, Shred, Shred, Shred, Ferocious Bite, Rake, Shred, Shred, Rip, Shred, Shred, Shred, Ferocious Bite
/cast [combat] berserking
/cast [combat] berserk
/cast [combat] Incarnation: King of the Jungle
/cast [combat] Tiger's Fury
/cast [combat] Nature's Vigil
/cast Wild Charge
/startattack [noharm,combat]

Remember to add yourselves your CD Trinkets or w/e you’re using, that can be used with /use 13, /use 14 depending on what slot your item is lying on.

Hope you will have a good time using my macro, more will come up later for the guardian druid and such more!


Not sure if it’s me or waht but i’m doing shit for damage even with full pvp gear. Also, can’t seem to figure out how to change the mouse click speed?

Just curious… does this swap bar macro fair well in PvP???


Sethadon,I use your swap macro in pvp and it seems to work well for me . Tanks again for the great macros…

Cool! Good to know. Maybe I will have to get a set of PvP gear for my Druid. :wink:

how comes? I’ve just tested it , burst 33 k , 23 k sustained dps in blue pvp gear . Tobb, keep up good work and thanx.

[quote quote=22084]Just curious… does this swap bar macro fair well in PvP???

No offense at all dude, but do you really need to spam every single class forum with your swapbar macros ? people read and know about them . Just a little bit more respect for other men effort .

Got a little bit time again to test the macro and went proving grounds with it. Managed gold on first attempt with, but… macro tends to hang up after 2-3 minutes,only autoattack fires of,nothing else. Have no idea why, havent changed nothing. After manualy using trash twice or maybe 3 times macro goes back to rotation.same happened later in battlegrounds.
Still using it anyway.

I know why it hangs… It’s because the castsequence reset requires of you to swap a target. The sequence does not reset until you target another player/mob etc… There is a way around tho but you might need to tinker with it to get it right. To reset=target simply add reset=target/30 and voila! The sequence resets even if you stay on the same target but in 30 seconds… Give it a try and if you think it resets to late or to early, just change the number 30 to appropriate loop.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



that did the trick, thank you. Works like a charm now with reset=target/20 .


Im completley new to this forum(signed up today) so i dont understand everything here. Hopefully you could help me.

I copied everything from the macro above and pasted it in my macro inside wow, but, the macro is to long. 255/255 Characters Used, im prob just a idiot who not understand how im suppose to get this going, is this something you could help me with ? :slight_smile:


You will need to download the addon Macro Toolkit in order to extend your macros beyond the stock 255 characters.


[quote quote=23975]You will need to download the addon Macro Toolkit in order to extend your macros beyond the stock 255 characters.


Thank you :smiley:

hey man loving this macro atm I’m pushing 66k dps in pvp gear52 k pve gear

is this macro still useable in the latest wow-build ( 6.3)
maybe a dumb question but want to be sure about every macro i use cause since i discovered this site i have been trying to write a macro myself but not succesfull

From what I can tell Rake falls off a lot.
DPS loss every time rake falls off.

Greetings guys. I had no idea this one still worked at 6.3!
Wonderful hearing it is working out.
This was made for Mist of Pandaria, I have not made any macros for Draenor expansion.
I am working on the power cat macro for DPS burst inside the PvP.
I’ll come back when I got it up and working.

any updated or improved versions of this macro?

I’d like to see an updated version. This macro has been great for a long while.