Fire DPS all in one

hey guys
im trying to make a macro to do my routine DPS in PVP which is casting Phoenix Flames,Living Bomb
and Fire Blast
im using pyroblast with another key button
i tried this :
/castsequence reset=5 Phoenix Flames,Living Bomb,Phoenix Flames,Phoenix Flames,Phoenix Flames
/cast Fire Blast

its all ok but has a small problem : when the fire blast and Phoenix Flames are in CD it cannot cast Living Bomb
donno why :frowning:
any help ?

Hello @LSK,

Are you using GSE add-on to test this or the normal macro interface within WoW?

Did you tried my macro? I know is not a rotation like yours but it works for my play style.

hi and tnx for the reply
no i use normal macro inside wow,can u guide me a little more ?

All macros and help on this website are for the addon GSE. Its a great addon you should check it out. If not you will need to look elsewhere for the help youre looking for. I wish you well.

i used the GES but it didnt help

If you are around 10pm EST, can ask me any questions live as it makes it easier to guide you while streaming.

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