First attempt at Fury

I’ve never played warrior so I figued I’d give it a try. Here is my first attempt at creating a macro. After days of wanting to rip my hair with this warrior I like to get some feed back on this macro. I’m currently 450 ilvl none of my azerite pieces are the same so I really can’t get a good idea of how the macro is working. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. This macro DOES NOT HAVE WHIRLWIND IN IT

Hey, I’m fresh 120 with a GS of 360 and I have to say, I really like your DIESEL_FURY! I do good damage (between 10 and 20k the chain is at 51) and finally get ahead. Had a lot of problems with the high GSE codes here but yours is really perfect !!! Thanks a lot!!!

Thank you for the feed back glad you are enjoying the macro.