First Boomkin Macro, need help optimizing please

Hi All,
Can you please take a look at my macro and help me optimize it for better DPS output please, this is my first Boomkin Macro, I am ilev 434 and doing something wrong since my DPS is to be desired. I do not have much use of my left hand due to nerve damage from the military and use these macros to play. Thanks in advance for any and all assistance

Talents 1232232 This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.23.

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BY the way, I am ilev 434 with Crit 20 Haste 18 Vers 7.18 Mast 42

this for mythic+ / raid or ?

It is currently for raids,

Hi All, anyone got a chance to take a look at this, I am using the macro to build up Astral Power then casting Starsurge twice to consume Astral Power while trying to maintain uptime on Moonfire, Sunfire, and Stellar Flare on target. Is there anything I am missing or need to add, can someone please advise, I would appreciate it and all comments are welcome whether good or bad…By the way Starsurge is outside of the macro by itself, so I can control the Astral Power dump.

Why don’t u use ozys?

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““Why don’t u use ozys?””

wow…helpful little dink ain’t ya?

Trying it out today, will let you know

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I get what you’re saying here but Ozy and Spinnaker’s macros really are hard to beat. I’ll give this one a spin here as well and let ya know.

thank you Dennis :smile:

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I just love your Balance Macro. No need for me to create one of my own. <3

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