First time Silencing a user

For the first time ever I have had to use the silence button for a user.

There have been multiple requests not to harass macro authors either in posts or by DM to given them time to level and update things. Some people have decided to get abusive to people asking for some patience. Harassment simply isn’t tolerated. Telling someone to get f**** or shove stuff up ***** is way over a line.

I can be extremely blunt and if I am pushing back telling you your behaviour is borderline it generally means there have been multiple complaints from multiple users about what you are doing.. I also as a rule stay away from the admin functions here as this isn’t my site but protecting people who are trying to help and give you things is kinda important as without them well there wouldn’t be much here.


I SO agree. Pushing people to provde is NOT acceptable. Just be happy that they do make these amazing macros available to us at no expence.

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unless that person is a ‘patreon’ and is ‘paying’ for the macro authors time - then things are a bit different because of the money spent they might ‘think’ they are obligated something ‘more’

edit; but i do agree harassment is just ugly and should never be tolerated

Hopefully it won’t be the last time. I think it’d be pretty cool if you just went ahead and added me to your silence list.

:smirk: :call_me_hand:

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