Fists getting clipped

I have the [nochanneling] modifier in every step of the macro, but fists keeps getting clipped. What am I doing wrong?

/castsequence [nochanneling:Fists of Fury] Rising Sun Kick - clips it every time

Your brackets should not include fist of fury.
Should be a comma between fist and rising sun kick

I have done it both with and without Fists of Fury inside the brackets.
every block in the macro is now written like this…

/cast [nochanneling] Rising Sun Kick. Obviously they’re not all Rising Sun Kick. Something in macro is clipping Fists of Fury

Can you export it and post it

I was going to, but I delete and started over. Now I’m having a problem with saving them. I get to the end, hit save, it says SAVED, but I can’t find it.

Looks like it cashed but I could still open it. The edits were not being saved. I logged and restarted and all is good. Thanks for your help

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