Fistweave PVP - Lazy 1 Button Spam *Edit: 5th Apr 24*

FISTWEAVE Updated Talents 5th Apr 24

Sharing my 1 button macro for FW monk that I use in solo shuffles - if you’re trying to get the 1800 transmog this macro should do just that. Currently sitting at 2100cr in solo shuffle on my FW monk using nothing but this macro. The talents used in the tree are almost entirely passive so the macro handles almost all of your healing - so as long as you can hit something the macro should heal (remember hitting pets and totems heals too so if you can’t reach someone just turn and hit them).

Macro does not include any big cooldowns like Invoke Chi-Ji, Life Cocoon or Revival, you’ll need to press those manually. Macro does not automatically use the free instant Enveloping Mist that Invoke Chi-Ji provides when attacking so you can choose who to use it on.

Any questions feel free to ask!

GSE: Troubleshooting Import:


Talents (updated 5 Apr 24):


PvP Talents:

Fae Accord, Alpha Tiger, Peaceweaver


I don’t know why everyone hasn’t commented on this. I’m crushing it with this maco. Its simple and I control the CDs but I’m almost 1200+ with it and i started at 260 something. I made a mouseover modifier for emergency healing and cocoon. Other wise its great

it dose nothing for me is there something special im missing

cancel that works now had to re import

Hey there was just going to try this out but talents arent up to date since the patch. Have you had a chance to do that since the patch?

got 1k8 in a day in 2s on a fresh alt with this
edit: currently at 1k95 in 2s with this :smiley:
edit: 2k1 in 2s

this talant do not work now i am sad :frowning: :smiley: can you fix it it is out of date

Updated to current patch talents! Same macro nothing changed.

Gratz that’s a huge effort! Will look at making another one next season.

Yo @WoWLazyChris
This macro you made for PvP is i blaster. I just added in a few spells for me due to i cant click so much because my shitty fingers wont let me :slight_smile:
Also i made 3 own macros i put on keybindings.
ALT1: @mouseover Enveloping Mist when 3 stacks Chi Ji
SHIFT1: @mouseover Cocoon
CTRL1: @cursor Ring of Peace
So i let macro spam key1 and when pressing each mod it will use it insta.
I applaud this very simple macro because it is doing a ton of healing in Arena and it works so much better than my own i have :slight_smile:
I have to many spells in it, better as you did it with more passive stuff :slight_smile:
Good job and ty for contributing and sharing your work here.

Best regards

Can you post your version of his macro too?

Awesome, glad to hear it, i’m not so great with modifiers so I leave them out but that’s awesome that it works well with them!

Actually not much extra in it. Just added 1 extra block/action at end with this. /castsequence [@focus] Renewing Mist, Zen Pulse

Also i just tested in m+ with exact same talents as this for pvp and i just did a Thrones 18 without any issues at all. All i do is pop Red crane when it is alot of damage, use cocoon when nessesary and use restoral if alot of damage and Crane is on cooldown. I use my Alt1 mod for 3 stacks of Chi Ji for Enveloping Mist.
Crazy that it heals so much with only Fisting :slight_smile:

Best regards

I might be doing something really wrong but for some weird reason I cannot get used to MW Monk. I play any other healer but every time I try to pug with monk the party dies. How do you manage the big bursts of damage in the entire party? I strugle to keep like 3 people healed like Resto Shaman can chain heal, the circle thing etc. Also MW seems to run out of mana so quick I cant keep up even after watching hours of videos on youtube :frowning: Any tips?

Are you using this macro? I never get under 70% mana anytime in a dungeon. Just make sure you do damage all the time or you wont heal anything. If alot of damage i use Invoke Chi Ji and then use Enveloping Mist only when 3 stacks of Chi Ji.
But remember this macro is for PvP and not setup for PvE but i find it works pretty darn good for PvE also but it is not a AIO macro, you actually need to be aware and use big spells when needed and also use Mana Tea when going in to big healing is really good.
/Best regards

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