Fistweaver 10.2 12/23

Hey team, I’m always looking for a way to improve my gameplay & this forum is crazy cool!
Couple questions: does anyone here use Vuhdo to heal pvp?
Is there a way to cast sequence disable into tiger palm? The goal would be to initially apply disable and only cast it again if the target has the debuff?

Here is the problem I am trying to solve → As a Fistweaver… whenever I initially target something I want to cast disable, then go into my fist monk rotation. This would look like-> Disable (If possible have a variable where if the target HAS disable I do not cast it), Tiger Palm, Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick. I press the button 3-4 times to apply disable & punch or just punch if they are already debuffed.

The youtube video’s cast sequence editor is a little different than the current versions. Any help is appreciated. The goal is to grind smarter AND harder.