Fixing the creator power trips

@Siodar @lutechi you guys are amazing for what you have done with this website and for the community but this macro creator power trip has to stop when you have creators calling people names and giving threats of finding them irl and then in the next comment tagging a admin saying remove this trash like your beneath them and got you in there pocket its really not a good look atall it needs fixing im a volotile person so my comments tend to get removed but it comes from a good place and im bad with putting my thoughts into words

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This has happened a few times before already.

So my answer is yes, it should stop.

The moment i saw a few users posting snapshot asking mods for real user information here and on discord … BIG NO NO Red Line.

And worse it light a focus of bad reputation on us , the rest of the users who we dont have anything to do to begin with .

Hope this goes away soon.



Gaupanda is still trying to brigade followers in the discord into tracking down different parties. I am not affiliated with WLM whatsoever but it’s pretty common practice for public tools to not advocate for private use of those tools, in this case Gaupanda demanding money for access.

But if we’re 100% honest with the situation, even though he does request money for access – his scripts are -VERY- few and far between, he doesn’t even fully support a singular class yet let alone an entire patch worth.

The money should be going to Lutechi and the WLM for hosting costs etc.

Gaupanda, I am a rat and I will continue to leak your scripts on here for the public as they should be hosted regardless.

Everyone else, just request rat scripts in future and if Gaupanda has one I’ll respond with what it is.

Fuck Gaupanda, long live WLM.

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@murphdh Siodar closed a thread just because Gaupanda asked for it. Wouldn’t be surprised if is in the pocket.

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Gau never asks anyone for money nor does he make people subscribe for his macros. Gau is always releasing his macros on here when he’s done testing them… @frederico its funny that you are still paying for his macros but on here complaining that he makes money off his work… which he rightfully can have people subscribe to him. He’s is doing a service in his freetime for the people with disabilities and other lazy people that dont care to spam buttons anymore. Stop this toxic crap and grow up… leave people alone. Your post was taken down because you posted someone else’s work and thats frowned upon around here not because he’s got people in his pocket. The admins and owner of this website know right from wrong and will continue to make the right decisions. The people on here spreading hate and toxicity need to be removed.

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Literally doxxing people. If anyone has an issue with another then report and flag the post. I think the macro creator needs to be removed because he clearly violated the rules on this site multiple times in the past 48 hours.


first i want to make this clear this is not to shitpost about a singular person there will be no form of bullying etc towards any macro creater including gau that being said i would be lying if i said that the situation with gau was not the icing on the cake of a situation thats been rampent for many years for me personally early bfa days now…

your right gau has never asked people for money so ill bullet point a few things

  1. him and now you are super quick to say gau always releases his macros as a beta before posting on here and eventually he will be posting on here anyway
    response . if that was the case why only now has he come out and said he wants people to pay for the macro and the only access is through his private discord if in the end hes still going to post it on a free access website? its so so clear it was a way to farm members from here into his discord and make some cash whilst doing so . to me what that looks like is a plan to eventually not use WLM and keep any future macros etc inside his locked paygate discord that in turns takes members from WLM and most importantly snakes any other creaters here

and if anyone threatens to leave or leak the discord etc theres threats of real life violence and i will find you etc etc now if your stuff isent locked behind a paywall and you have every intention to post on here why then would you react in such a way so angry with threats of violence because someone PAYED for the macro and then posted them on here once he has purchased it its his property to do with as he pleases

unless there was no intention to post on here and your just trying to farm cash of vulnerable people who carnt play the game without macros etc

and yes HE is doing a service in HIS own free time that HE chooses to do HE is not employed it is not a job yet you seem to suggest that because HE chooses to do this as a hobby we should pay him ?

as for his post being taken down for posting someone elses work ? i could of sworn the post had gaupandas macro posted all over it never claimed it as his own did he …

there is no hate and toxicity theres just community members saying go screw yourself to anyone that would take away from WLM or ITS COMMUNITY MEMBERS

yeah i hope the situation gets resolved very fast and i personally didnt see that but i heard about it loads of times

admins need to really get to grips with everything remake there rules and terms and service and revamp some stuff basically have a clean out so admin abuse creator abuse etc do not get like it has over the past few years

and ADMINS need to be unbiased when making decisions not just protect creators now i know there are some brilliant admins one of them i have tagged in the post they really are fantastic but they get run ragged and pushed around by content creators and some members who think there above the rest
hence me tagging lutechi you either need to fully support your admins yourself or recruit more people to support them

your paying for the macro your allowed to do what you want with it after the purchase its that simple some people dont get it i couldent agree more with you as i say bellow if your going to be posting on a free website why force people into a paygate just post it like you always have unless there was no intention to do that in the first place

couldent agree more lutechi and the WLM team derserve everything they can get to support them

the way i see it your trying to demand people pay you for macros that are almost promised to only give you 50% of the performance you would get when not using a macro its too funny

This is a B/s Lie i have been a part of Guapanda’s discord for a while now since DF came out and Plane out i was Never asked to pay a dime for anything. after a while i chose to support him by subing and befor that if i needed acses to a macro that might have been a privet one all i had to do what dm and ask and got the macro Np Please stop this B/S trting to make really great creators look bad for having a dub program as like all of us we have a right to make a living how ever we can with in the law. also as a creator myself i can see the point in asking to have a post taken down becouse it was your macro you made reposted by a nother using claming it was there work the admins of WLM are only doing what is right they are not in anyones poket. plane and simple if you Don’t like the rules of WLM or any creators Discord Stay TF off there Discord

yeah mate maybe you should grab your facts before you come in here running gums over the past few days things have changed gau is now requesting that every pays for sub patron etc before he posts it here its super obvious to everyone with a braincell this was his way of farming members for a while to funnel them into his patron and then to stop posting here

also he had paid for the macro and then posted it also never once claimed it was his own in fact it had gaupandas macro all over it but yeah sure thats why it was taken down not because admins have let it get to a point of creators having more power then them

plane and simple like it or not its in the dicord rules that Gau set up that his macros are not to be posted anywere with out his permision again if you cant fallow rules then stay the heck of the discord and again i have never been asked or made to feel i have to pay anything to get acsess to a macro

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listen im not getting in tit for tat with you its simple he has pay gated his macros also many of us have been in his discord for a while now we see whats being said plain and simple and the 2 rules at the very bottom about posting his macros elswhere etc was made 2 hours after the leak on WLM soooooooo

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Nobody “owns” any macro they make. They would have to file copyrights on it which obviously is not worth it with macros.

Timothy Luke makes gse for people with disabilities and if anyone should be supported it is him.

The creator of these macros is the only one I’ve seen pay gating them to come out later on for free or an old version.

My issue honestly isn’t even the pay gating. It is their attitude and vulgarity and lack of respect. If they are this “creator” and patron user maybe they should rise above it and be the bigger person instead of stirring the pot.

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your wrond about that its been there since i joined his server last year. and i am not trying to go tit for tat i am speaking up for what i know to be true. you dont like pay gated macros fine then dont bother creators that do that becouse there are a few creators who do that but i dont see anyone bad mouthing them like you are about Gau

Just keep these forums clean and don’t contribute or make it become toxxic plz.

more than it already is if you feel they are already toxic

The fact that gau is currently spamming his discord asking for people to come here and talk is proof that he is stirring the pot. If you can’t see that then idk what to say.

Report to mods if you have an issue with something. They will neutrally decide if it breaks rules.

agreed i did not come in here to be toxxic i am just speaking up for what i know to be true and not let a good persons name get dagged threw the mud. yes we can disagre on the hole sub thing but also be respectfull of eachother. main point i am making here is there are and have been set rules told to everyone who joins a dicord server and if you cant fallow the rules stay away and dont bad mouth anyone. As well as I have never Been asked to or made to feel i have to pay anything to get acsess to a macro and to say that is the case is a plane out Lie

no one is asking me to do anything i am speaking up on my own behalf