Flashing Cursor

I have been having an issue with a rapidly flashing cursor (like I’m trying to left click something) whenever my macro key is depressed. I use Razer Synapse to spam my macro. This seems to happen mostly on my caster classes. This is making it hard for me to be mobile in combat.

I’ve been running into the same issue myself Hereck. I believe its something to do with the Synapse. I havn’t quite figured it out yet.

I don’t think it’s the Synapse software, because most of my macros work great. It only happens on one of my Warrior macros and nearly every caster class. I’ve essentially stopped playing mage or priest.

Solved - I had a trinket on my Warrior that was trying to place down a circle AOE effect. I unchecked trinket use and all is well. Haven’t checked my caster classes, but I’m guessing it’s a similar issue.