focus healing

Is there a specific way i could us GSE as to heal my focus target as apposed to having to mouse-over, or is there a set up like this already?

these would be for resto shaman, priest, or pally

The easiest way i can think of would be like so:
‘/cast [@focus,exists,help,nodead] Power Word: Shield’,
the trick i’ve found is to find something with a cd that you could use in a castsequence, such as :
‘/castsequence [@focus,exists,nodead] Cenarion Ward, Lifebloom, Rejuvenation’,
And if you want to get jiggy with it, you can have it rotate through the group. Say if your in a dungeon group:
‘/castsequence reset=combat [@party1,exists,nodead] Rejuvenation, [@party2,exists,nodead] Rejuvenation, [@party3,exists,nodead] Rejuvenation,[@party4,exists,nodead] Rejuvenation, [@party5,exists,nodead] Rejuvenation’,