Frost dk bfa 8.2.0 Talents 2123112 @ 8.2.5 talents 1123112 3131133 3232213 3121333


Здравствуйте, это мой первый макрос. Я его использовал, тестировал, в течении одной недели, мне он понравился, но я хочу добавить в него использования тринкетов, использования их бою, прошу Вас обсудить его и сказать, что в нем я сделал не правильно, какие внести иправления для повышения дпс или выживаемости и помочь мне вставить в него использование тринкетов, Тринкет я хочу использовать вот такой Plunderbeard’s Flask

Hello, this is my first macro. I used it, tested within one week, I liked it, but I want to add the use of trinkets, use them in battle, I ask You to discuss it and say what I did wrong, what to make update patch to increase dps or survivability and help me insert it using trinkets, the Trinket I want to use this Plunderbeard’'s Flask

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When do you want it (trinket) used? On CD or controlled?

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what spec? What MS? Some Info about it might be nice

What spec?

It literally says Frost in the title.


Seriously? I can read but Frost doesnt say what talents they are running, doesnt say whether they are running oblit build or breath… think before you post please

Dude the talents are in GSE , and the Ms you can figure it out yourself on a dummy…

again it is common place to ask the author what he is using for MS to see where he is getting his best results since he wrote the macro.

also it is nice to know what they are running prior to moving it into your game, if it is a macro for breath and I only want oblit I wont move it over or try it. I have no clue why people keep replying like this. Just asking for some info on the macro is all. Not one other class macro has crap responses when people ask for talent info and ms.

I want to use it when the cd is ready

Sorry, I could not answer your questions, because something prevented me to make a post on the forum, I realized that you are interested, here is my answer specialization I have Ice, talents I have chosen 2123112 in the screenshots, too, everything will be seen, what my specialization and what talents, what is MS I do not know, so I can not answer this question, if you tell me what MS means I will answer for you earlier please forgive me


Yes, exactly, think before you post.

Spec ≠ talents. Talents are very different from “spec”. As it’s clear you’re not aware, “spec” is short for specialization.

Additionally, most details; talents, speed, are located within the help information of a macro. You should check there before posting.

Open your macro via the sequence editor. Click the number you want to edit (next to the configuration button) and to the right of that, there is an option to allow GSE to use on-use devices such as belts, rings, and trinkets.

Here you can select what devices you want GSE to use on CD.

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Thank you very much, I did as you told me, and I did it, now my trinket works, but I have a small problem in soobsheniyah, in the middle of the screen often writes the subject is not ready, kakbudto I press it several times until it is ready, how do I fix it, I understand that you need something else to register, could you tell me what to do for you previously grateful for help

In-game, run.

/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();

Keep in mind, that will turn-off ALL “item is not ready” type of text.

I’m grateful for your help. I’m fine now.

if not working on my frost dk can anybody help?


Галочки проставь и не парься c ошибками. По тринкетам написали выше, можешь в макрос их впихнуть через комманды
/use 13
/use 14

For remove all errors use setting from screenshot

спасибо большое а то пришлось ставить аддон

It will work better if it not was in rushian language it will work better in english i guess

thanks for the English