Frost DK M+ (mma inspired)

First and foremost, this is not my work this macro is taken directly from @mma and all credit should go to them. (mma, please let me know if you’re cool with this, if not I can remove)

I have noticed a few people asking for a frost DK macro with alt/shift modifiers so, I have basically just added these to MMA’s macros, which otherwise work perfectly fine. (I use these in conjuction with MMA’s cooldowns macro, which I do not edit so no need to post, you will need to grab this from their post)

At 460 Ilvl, fairly new to frost, i’m bursting upwards of 530k on multi target and sustaining 350-370k.

Tallents that I use:

AOE Macro:

ST Macro:

Please take these away and have fun! edit them as you wish but please note if you upload, these are MMA’s macros and credit still belongs to them :slight_smile:

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no problem, i use modifier but directly in wow and not gse, thats why they are not included. thanks for providing the version.

That would make sense! :smiley: I’m fairly new to this and to be fair, didn’t even realise there was a modifier directly in wow… either way, its here should people need it :smiley:

You can key bind pretty much anything on your action bars :slight_smile:

Dont know what I do wrong but the numbers you are getting are way to far for me… and my ilev is not 460 :wink:
what ms you are playing?

I play at 130MS

Basically, on the target dummies I start by using MMA’s cooldowns macro, drop a death and decay then just spam the M+ macro, using the alt modifier for rime procs and dropping death and decay when its ready. This is without any buffs either, i’ll see if I can get a screen shot of my dps :slight_smile:


So here is my burst, I reached 611k burst which gradually settled down to an average sustain of 350k :slight_smile:



I think my ms is wrong…
done that and the sustain is 290-300

possibly, what Ilvl are you? and what are you using for your macro? AHK? Razer? or other software?

Hi There! I am pretty new to this and ive been playing around with these macros.. but i am no where close to getting these numbers! im ilvl 465. Can i ask you which target dummy do you use ? Sorry if this seems to be a dumb question. Im using the highlords nemesis trainer at ebon hold. the one in the middle.

I`m also using Razer synapse @ 130ms.

im getting around 100k dps

would appreciate any feedback

Try the target dummies in valdrakken :slight_smile:

ilev is 479, using razer -any thoughts?
Thanks for the help

Hmm definitely should be a lot higher :smiley:

I use AHK at 130ms, I’ve tried razer a few times but don’t seem to get the same result as I do with AHK, but then that is likely because I don’t really fully understand the razer software and probably set it up wrong :smiley:

@Joshua_Watson is there any chance that you can share AHK profile? I can’t get it working :(.


hey man, I haven’t used this since I created it as I benched my DK, below is the ahk script I use.

#ifWinActive World of Warcraft ; Only run if window ‘World of Warcraft’ is active
$3:: ; If e is pressed
$^3:: ; If e+control is pressed
$+3:: ; If e+shift is pressed
$!3:: ; If e+alt is pressed
Loop ; If any of the above is true then loop below
if not GetKeyState(“3”, “P”) ; If E is not pressed then break the loop
if GetKeyState(“LCtrl”, “P”) ; If left control is pressed then send control+e
Send ^3
else if GetKeyState(“LShift”, “P”) ; If left shift is pressed then send shift+e
Send +3
else if GetKeyState(“LAlt”, “P”) ; If left alt is pressed then send alt+e
Send !3
Send 3 ; If 3 is pressed with no other modifiers send 3
sleep 120 ; Time in milliseconds between key repeats

Thanks m8 I appreciate it!