Frost Mage Single Target

Hello everyone. This is my first macro post on the site. Let me know if something does not work and I will try to fix it. For formatting errors, please let a Moderator know and maybe they can fix it.

Since GSE export no longer shows spell sequence here it is: The Spells I use are (Sequential) Ice Barrier, Icy Veins, Ebonbolt, Glacial Spike, Comet Storm and Frostbolt. On the Mod keys are Ice Lance (Alt) and Flurry (Shift). I do not use Ctrl since that is my Discord PTT. You can edit it on GSE.


For the Mod spells I use the following WeakAura. I have heavily edited Cym’s WeakAura found elsewhere on this site. It will let you know only when to use Flurry and IceLance. If you modify the Mod keys, make sure you edit the text as it tells you what key to press.

Link is here: Jorguen Edited Cym’s Frost WeakAura

Enjoy and let me know your feedback!

I have to say i like it so far i am new to frost so this helped alot.


You’re welcome! I havent really tested it for DPS since I am not geared, but the rotation itself is pretty solid I think and the WeakAura helps a lot.

Hi mate, the talent choices dont quite line up ? you have 1 as lvl 100 talent but in the rotation you have glacial spike ?
just wondering whats right and wrong :slight_smile: