Frost PVP Macro by MMA

the used pvp talets are:
Chill Streak
Fozen Center

Everything exept Chill Streak is passive, which is included into the macro
You need to use defensive cooldown by yourselfes, deathstrike will help a bit to stay alive


Could happen that chill streak is not correctly translated. i use the german client so please rename Konzentrierter Sturm to you client language.


Thanks MMA! do you use a specific speed ? i have it at .05. Also, i see chill streak but not a chill stream on the pvp? want to make sure i am playing the right game hahahah thanks again dude

Sorry, i meant chill streak. i have 0.09 but can be slower. just do some bg like alterac and check which skills has been used how often. I was second in dmg today in a match, first was a warlock. depends if you got at least some heal in the back. goal is to slow a lot, because frost dk it slow as a oil tanker