Frosty All In One

OK, I looked at Elfs and Orbis macros and I found that both of them stalled just enough. After checking with Noxxic and Methods and SimC with my current gear, that is very low in VER, which should be almost double i was still able to be within 5% of sim for my ilvl at 356. I am not saying its perfect, but it doesn’t stall and for the most part, I am happy with it. Possibly could use some rotation timing a little better to keep frost fingers up a tiny bit better, but that also might be gear since its so subtle.

Take a look at it and tell me what you think.


CTRL: Frost Nova / Ring of Frost ( your choice)
ALT: Blizzard @cursor

change them to your liking, these are just my preference.



All in one macro. I personally do not like all-on-one, but it was easier for me to process this way this time.
I put Blizzard and Frost Nova on mods as I use them as needed. Im tempted to put flurry on one to keep them generating frost fingers, but we will see.

All In One


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Made @ 175ms

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.40.


you should list what mod keys do here and in the macro description. first glance (import) ppl gonna think there no mod spells, like blizzard or anything.

Your blizzard isnt going to the where the cursor is at. its falling on the player.
Had to change the CTRL to Shift. more me. lol

I gotcha, it did look weird to me when I posted this one vs my warlock rotation. I was saying to myself it looks shorter than usual. I just didn’t catch it. I chose ctrl because of ELVUI that I use shift for other things. but you can easily just do your own…

As for Blizzard. I don’t know what specifically is causing that for you because it works just fine for me. However, last month I had a trinket messing everything up for me, and for whatever reason it was also trying to cast and kept interfering with my @cursor cast. After I turned those off I had no issues. Maybe that’s what it is for you?

Great job. Getting roughly 81K in DPS and the rotation is optimal. I would make 1 change. On your KeyRelease, I would add:

/cast [nochanneling] Frostbolt
/cast [nochanneling] Icy Veins

So that Ray of Frost isn’t interrupted when I mash the button :smiley:

How do I look at the rotation? I check Details! and try to see if the Damage Done matches the % break down that SimC creates in its report.

I see that Glacial Spike comes in as #1, followed by Ice Lance and Comet Storm – those are the big damage deals and the ratio we are looking for is roughly 30% Glacial Spike, 17% Ice Lance and 15% Comet Storm followed by Ray of Frost.

I see that your changes to the macro is coming in at: 28% for Glacial Spike, 17.6% for Ice Lance and 12% for Comet Storm, so that lines up pretty well.

Great job!

P.S. Updated the macro with the differences here for your convenience:

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Ray of frost casts and shifting power are being cutt off maybe a [nochannel] needs to be added

i actually was just coming to fix that ray of frost clipping… im about to update it after i read your feedback

it wasnt doing that at test but i noticed it did it in raid so i just fixed it and will update in a few moments… i totally missed it

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OK updated again. Seems like we all noticed a hiccup in the system at the same time. Thanks for ORBI for supporting this macro with feedback separate from his own post. Its all updated and I think it’s working like it should… OG post updated now

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weird thing about the Blizzard is: its casting on player on any mod key i assign it to. but if i go to Elfs macro (which he has it set to Shift) it works at the cursor. i even copied his lines and placed them in yours, just in case and then its still only casting on player.
i went to elfs to see if the mod keys were not working on his. this way i would know its something in my keyboard set up. but since they are (did switch out the mod keys to see if they all work in his also) working in his. something in your macro doesnt like me and mod keys. lol
also i did put your blizzard code into Orbimus’s macro and it works fine in it.

that is weird. Im not sure how to fix that. @TimothyLuke is the mastermind behind all of this, maybe he has an idea.

Thats strange. I was playing with this macro earlier but my mod keys are working. Blizzard is casting @cursor as well

I think and don’t quote me on this it may have something to do with button down vs button up behavior. Mine doesn’t work in the keypress blocks but does on the regular action blocks. for blizzard at cursor

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macro is alright so far but for some reason the alt modifier is casting on player im not sure why, i dont even see @player anywhere in the macro

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For anyone having issues with abilities being cast on the player instead of at the cursor. Go into main game Options, Combat, Scroll down till you find self cast, turn it off Auto onto Key Press and then make the self cast key None.

I noticed that if you leave it on auto, it auto-assigns ctrl and alt to both being self cast keys. If you still want a self cast key then simply change it to whatever key you want instead of setting it to none.

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Yes, that is correct. I did that and mine worked just fine…

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it is not in there, there is a setting that has auto-cast on self.

Very handy and nice macro mate, it bursts fine after a while dps is low but ok

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Where are you at with I’lvl and rotation speed. I’m sitting at top three of every raid and usually leading dos of every dungeon by a large margin.

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391 ilvl getting 70-80k on start and 60k sustained, best macro for mages right now imo, ive tried about 5 just today using all specs.

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423 I run mainly normal raids