Furious Sauce - Level 70 Fury Warrior

Hey mate, Just wondering if you could edit the macro for auto charge?

can you make a single and a AOE macro?
no one use Whirlwind on singeltarget

Great macro. Talents are VERY close to what I like to run.

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Ive updated the main post with a ST and a MT macro and have tweaked a few things in the MT macro, its now running version 3 as default but the other 2 versions are still there so you can see whats changed.

ive also updated my talent choice to include Honed Reflexes instead of Seismic Reverberation. Its slightly less whilrwind damage for quicker pummels and better cooldown on Raging Blow for Trial on the ST macro.

As mentioned everything is updated in the main post

You gotta get those interupts!

Sorry mate I won’t be including an auto charge. Feel free to edit the macro if you need to add one but I don’t like having charge built into the macro personally.

Good Morning,

after reading entire posts to make sure wasnt answered, I am assuming ST means single target and MT is multi target?
My apologies if this is covered else where.

I just want to say that this work you do has been very useful in M+ for me and I greatly appreciate it.
Thank You

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Sorry and yes, ST is Single Target and MT is Multi Target.

So I tested this out by manually pressing a key and it seemed to work ok, wouldn’t using 3rd party software be a bannable offence in game? To say, emulate a key press every 100ms?

Hi, I need to use all 4 different macors(buttons) or they are linked by mod button?

Way better than other stuff that I have tried, good job.

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The ST and MT macro’s are the ones you need to use. ST for single target combat and MT for multi target combat.
AOE and RECK will need an icon created but are called upon via mod keys

Good Macro. On the Cleave Training Dummy im averaging 131k over 2 minutes for MT (83k over 2 minutes using ST) and using ST on Dungeoneer’s Training Dummy I am getting 56k over 2 minutes (50k using MT). 70th lvl 404 Ilvl

remember folks execute on real mobs will drastically increase your dps in the final stages of a raid boss fight, and of course all the mechanics which will unluckly force you to lose some dps having to move around alot.

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do you use the same talent loadout for both ST and MT/M+?
also with logitech, how do you change the ms?

Macro is awesome Sauce :slight_smile:

I’ve created a few and tested the rest but as of today this one performs the best for aoe and single target both in raid spec and M+ spec. What I really love about this macro is that with all the execute procs fury warriors get now this fires them all off while going through a solid rotation.

I did find that the aoe macro lets your Whirlwind stacks drop and then fire quite a few other abilities before firing WW again. This is easily solve by manually firing WW but it leaves a little room to tighten up the rotation in the macro to keep WW up with Enraged at all times for AOE.

Overall, solid 9/10. I appreciate your effort and thank you for sharing your creation with the rest of us.


Hi! Great macro, went from 60k to 90k.

Hello Sauce, I bind two keys for aoe and reck, is it valid? thank you I wanted to congratulate you I tested all the macros and it’s yours that comes out of it pretty good work

its feeling amazing however today when i press alt nothing happens. dont have an UI, havent changes the talents, I dont understand whats happening; I re installed the AOE macro and nope :frowning:

Sauce are you still working on updates for this macro? I very much enjoy the macro :slight_smile:

I see people saying this is the best fury macro atm.
How? it’s overcapping rage and using BT and RB while 130 rage. So few Rampages going out.
i have better results from the NTX macro

I made some changes to the macro and the talent build and it works very well for me at 150ms I am using logitech G Hub. It uses rampage super quick. The only changes I made it removed the first 2 raging blows in the line and changed talents to mythic + on wowhead BgEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEAAAAAAAAAAQggSCQEEiQSUgEiIRQIJplEJJhkQSIRKBIJSEAAAEQQA .