Fury Kyrian ! 5K to 8k mono (with crit buff) -14K to 23K (aoe) dps

Open with click on macro, and juste after storm blades.


Can you give a little more details about this? helps with the main questions all creators get.

Max crit, hate, Build for raid, or DJ, buff crit give by player or enemy

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Runing on 30 ms

enjoy :slight_smile:

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Full aoe 14K to 23 K dps

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I love it, but 30ms? You’re asking for a ban…

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Not only a ban but there’s no priority rotation what so ever. You’re better off just putting all spells/abilities randomly in the macro and hope what need to proc actually procs and doesn’t skip over it.

ta 2 set de talent différent dans ta description lequel est le bon et ton key release les spells son en francais

I have just signed up to this site… as an admin do you not think you should point people in the right direction instead of slagging off 90% of the macros I have looked at?

What I’ve stated up above is a fact. There are countless posts about it and even in my Guide that that I wrote on here and Tim expands on what I covered up above.

I do point people in the right direction. Usually telling them to sim their toon, use a little bit of common sense and the Search button up above goes a very long way.

You can’t help people if they don’t wanna help themselves.

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since 9.1, all the mods in here have warned people about this. it gets little old repeating it over and over. So if the post is a little harsh, its because the warning is on almost every macro post that on here and like @Deezyl_Fizzlepop has stated, there even a post of just this. He was being nice in my opinion. he could of been rude about it, but see he explained in a good way.

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Leider kann ich dieses Macro nicht testen da der macrotext nicht in GSE3.0.61 zu importieren geht. Könnte man eventuell einen vernünftigen importstring bekommen ?