Fury Lazy Macro – 4.3

Hey there, here is a lazy fury macro I made for friends. Again this is for lay back and relax spamming button and hope for the best LoL.

This one starts off with a sequence or with a modifier for Battle Shout and if you decide to renew it, only once hold “Alt or Ctrl or Shift” key down and click on macro, after release click back on macro again and it should go off again. Do it only when battle shout is off the cooldown.

Optional macro: Includes Colossus Smash on the modifier, Intercept ability is removed. *If your trinkets are passive you can remove use 13 and 14 and put back /cast Intercept if you miss this ability.

/castsequence [mod]Battle Shout,Colossus Smash;Bloodthirst,Heroic Strike,Bloodthirst,Raging Blow
/cast Execute
/cast Berserker Rage
/cast Inner Rage
/cast Death Wish
/cast Recklessness
/cast Intercept
/use 13
/use 14

Macro Explanation:

Optional: Slam Macro to prevent casting.

/cast Slam

UPDATED May 29, 2011: Added an optional macro if prefer to have colossus smash ability instead of intercept.
UPDATED July 8, 2011: Removed one of the macros so it doesn’t create confusion. Replaced Intercept for Colossus Smash to increase damage.
UPDATED August 15, 2011: Combined 2 sequences in 1 with a modifier. Added Raging Blow to the sequence and included Execute in the macro.
UPDATED October 1, 2011: Removed Heroic Throw, for some reason it stopped working on the macros.

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not workin on 4.3 , can you make it work please :slight_smile:

Hello Serdarsinan, I will take a look as soon as I can. I’m still working on some other macros trying to revise them.

cool thanks , cant wait :slight_smile:

Dude do you have a one button macro that gets top dps… but with out the modifier key,
I am sure i can push a enrage key if needed.


Hello Vipersbite666, I’ll see what I can come up with because not all classes are as easy to achieve top dps with a macro. I have been busy lately and just came back from traveling around and college projects are taking a big chunk of time. I’ll try to come up with something for next weekend.

Would really appreicate luis… thanks so much … look forward to seeing what u get sorted.

Hey bro how is the lazy macros you where gonna work out for me above?

Vipersbite666: Hey bro how is the lazy macros you where gonna work out for me above?

Sorry Vipersbite, I have been very busy lately with college, had to revise like 14 projects for a review a couple of weeks ago, but at least I passed it. I’ll try work something out maybe next week, I haven’t been able to sleep much and this next week is finals. Sorry for not been able to catch up, got in the beta and haven’t even touched it yet…

Vipers = its prerty apparent you are looking for a 1 button spam to get top dps. Lol.

Anywho, this current macro does not use Slam, which is pretty essential (on Bloodsurge procs) to a Fury Warrior.

Also, this macro should only be used for TG Warriors. Raging Blow is only used for SMF Warriors when theres no other special attack you can do and spare the rage… which should only happen a handful of times per encounter.

Also a suggestion for a “i’m lazy but wanna be top dps in dregen sole” (i kid!) there should be a mod for when Inner Rage is used, as maximum dps is obtained by fitting in 2 heroic strikes per Bloodthirst, and ideally inner rage be used when CS is up on the mob.


I know you have said that you are busy. Just though I would check in and see how the update for this macro is coming. thanks for all your hard work.