Fury One Key - Close to sim DPS output

Talents 22123

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.02.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Rampage, Recklessness, Victory Rush, Blood Fury

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence: Bloodthirst, Dragon Roar, Execute, Siegebreaker, Whirlwind, Raging Blow

Post Macro: Rampage

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How fast are you firing this?

Really nice job! Spell percentage & DPS are matching my Sims (@30ms click rate)! The only thing i needed to change was moving the last line up to the first position (the two cooldowns needed 20-30s untill they fire). But thats individual i think. I am lvl 110 only, with view haste.
I think i gonna level my warri - big THANKS :slight_smile:

Glad you like it!

I’m manually hitting the key. Not very quickly either.

Thanks. Also btw what is SIM?

SIM is the estimated dps for your gear and item level …its short for Simulation. I hope that’s what you meant otherwise I come across sounding pretty douchey

I can’t seem to get my warrior 120 with 370 IL anywhere near sims, changing the talents and such have shown huge differences in dps. My best I’ve pulled is 10k or so my sims show 13k+ I can easily pull high 9’s , this is all on target dummy 2 min or more fights. Any suggestions how to get my dps closer to sim

I would imaging that sounds pretty good for il 370. il 390 average is like 17k. at least that’s what noxxic says. i’ve just recently got back into WoW so idk that could be bad but imo seems fine.

Dragons Roar and Siegebreaker are not firing for me. Are they manual?

Nevermind - I updated and all is well. Really REALLY well. Nice build, thanks for your time and service.

When you ‘SIM’ your character are you removing all Buffs and Flasks from the sim program vs in game

[quote quote=67959]Dragons Roar and Siegebreaker are not firing for me. Are they manual?
Nevermind – I updated and all is well. Really REALLY well. Nice build, thanks for your time and service.[/quote]After I use this code to import, Dragons Roar and Siegebreaker can only be used in the first round of loops. Which version of GSE is your version?

Holy shit this get over my sim. that cant be right. probably cause i only did 2mins in game not 3. ill redo

had Shout on took it off and its within 1k of sim. got simmed at 11164 with no buffs at all, did around 10600. Close as its going to get. I removed whirlwind though because it sims about 800 higher on mine without it. mad a second one with whirlwind for aoe packs. Firing at 45ms on my computer. Sometimes it wont fire dragons roar and siegebreaker but i do them manually. Great macro well done buddy.

thats 368 item level too

my Ilevel is only 374 And max I’m getting it like 14k but the average is oonly at 10k But my Dragon Roar is not firing all the time as well as Siegebreaker .

works like a charm

Why is it showing up like:


[quote quote=70096]Why is it showing up like:

Because that’s the string you need in oder to import the macro.

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This macro rocks it keep up the great work…!!!