Simple fury 1 btn macro. I run at 250ms. I keep Rampage on modifier just in case but it’s included in the macro.



Talents: 2112333

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.08.

Really not a bad macro. was less than 100 off of my best sim so well done. I modified it a bit to work with the signet of tormented kings legendary. Otherwise very well done!


do u have your modified version? i have same leggo

Awesome, I’m glad it’s working well. I run it at 30ms, to me it seems to run better. I think it’s around the same dps @ 250ms which is what TimothyLuke suggests as the min speed.
Sorry there aren’t any leggos in there. I just hit 60 and am in the process of gearing up. My main is a WW monk


How fast did u use it?

Can you post your modified macro?

I would be happy to. I am working on a few things with it but once its done, I’ll gladly post it

Is there a way to add in a modifier, preferably shift, to use whirlwind on demand, for like small groups of mobs? Otherwise im am really liking the macro so far!!

There’s a way to add ANY modifier to ANY macro.

That was not helpful at all.

Fester, use a modifer such as /cast [mod:shift] Whirlwind. You can change the shift to any other mod key like control or alt as well.

Yes, like @bz2king said. I like to put my modifiers in the variables portion and then just add that to the start of each action block, ie KeyPress or KeyRelease

Could you possibly link a screen shot of what yours looks like? I’m having a hell of a time getting my modifiers and variables to actually function, so it would be great to see a working example

@Jaggy You can define the variables in the lower portion marked for variable and then ‘call’ them like this

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