Fury Warrior 60. I am in the fine tunin stage


This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.09.

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I think that Heroic strike must remain on a side button, it is very hard to put on the macro, you never want to delay any BT or WW cooldown.

Also, battle shout is very simple to refresh and you should put a Weakaura to remind you that it is up to refresh.

On a side note, i like to cast only one time per fight the Bloodrage and berserker rage so i have put it on reset=combat.

Bloodfury is something very hard to manage because of the debuff and using it manually for the last 15seconds of a fight is the best way (increasing damage for more execute).

this said, here is my macro i use on raid. I have parses of 85% + on boss in warcraft log with it so it is working for sure.


Update with berserker rage and bloodrage in post macro for a smoother rotation.

Totally agree about HS.
I was clipping and it cost me some dps.

Your macro is great, but I am working on a 1 button macro.
I find that a 1 button macros often out dps their more efficient counterparts in the real world due to the time you can take positions,and staying on the target, ect. My target audience is not the Max crowd but the max crowd with 1 button.

Cool macro. My Only complaint is it still spams bloodthirst at 20% on raid bosses which is a dps loss

the old version of this macro has been working very well on my fury/arms dual wield warrior. I went out this morning and ran some testing on the new one and it is performing very well. I put this on my 1 key with my naga spamming at .20 and am constantly at or near the top of my damage meters in raid. i also have execute on my 2 key and have that one programmed to spam at .10 so that when the boss gets into execute range it just starts spamming it. and manually hit a rage pot. seems to do very well … will have to wait til next weeks mc/ony to find out how much better it does than the old version.

What points do u guys run in ur talent trees can u link what u use with this macro setup plz. Awesome macros btw I use it with current pre BiS and run top meters at about 420-437 dps non stop fully buffed (no world buffs) noticed a huge diff in dps when I didn’t switch to use overpower and started to run my gear with 7% skill to weapons and 6% hit and a must to have fast offhand and MH for rage build up then Slow MH for rage dump HS. But yes plz let me know what talents ur running plz

Alliance gnome fury war

Something very classic

Have you considered making a separate macro just for HS and running that at the same time, with an ms that matches the attack speed of your mh?

It shouldnt conflict with the main macro when both are toggled on and there is no danger of turning HS off again since the ms is long enough to accomodate the full swing timer of the weapon.

The problem is that it will UNsync very fast with any proc of Hand Of Jusdtice, or Flurry Axe, or WindFury. Making the HS toggle nearly impossible Horde side, especially with WarChief Blessing (15%Haste)

I have now a second macro with Whirlwind and Cleave for AOE Fight, nothing special just
/cast [combat] Whirlwind
/cast Cleave

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And are you popping that second macro in tandem with the GSE macro when you need AOE? Assume that macro, you’re firing off without GSE?

I made a gse macro for AOE.
Classic is so slow i don’t fire GSE macro like on retail with a list of 10 abilities…
but just mashing buttons as the rotation is very small and simple.
i just switch wich button i spam

Found the answer. Thank you.

Hey my man you think it would be possible for you to share what exact Talents youre using? Also at what speed you firing this macro ive got a Corsair scimitar with the 12 buttons on the side if that could help.
Can you also tank with this ?
thanks alot in advance

For Dual wielding Classic Talent Calculator - Classic World of Warcraft

Alright thanks! Do you manually spamm the macro ?

Yes, mousewheel is easy spam :slight_smile:

Anybody having decent parses with this macro? I’m firing at 30ms and having trouble replicating success.

I got the same problem, I am parsing the same numbers as I did before using GSE at all (and especially this macro). Although inbetween I’ve been getting 3 new BiS items and even had more world buffs while using GSE.

I am at 19 ms!

What ms do you use in AHK for this macro? Curious.

I noticed when using it kept using whirlwind over bloodthirst!

Ill have to test and check logs, but at 20% does it prio execute or will it continue to use BT and WW on CD?

I’m happy to manually do battle shouts and heroic strikes or cleaves.

Was even thinking of setting up a macro that toggles off BT and WW to then toggle on Execute spam.

Love all these warrior macros, you guys that make them are legends!