Furymaniac PvP 02.01.2021



Talents: 2313322

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.43.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Execute, Rampage

KeyPress: Battle Shout, Hamstring, Charge

Main Sequence: Recklessness, Bloodthirst, Dragon Roar, Raging Blow, Execute, Rampage

KeyRelease: Rampage, Execute, Spell Reflection

if u spam this at 10ms like u state ur asking for troubles … just saying

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So you are saying that is banable to run it at lower ms ?

YES it is very possible.

Oh sheet didn’t know about thati ll change it right now

I have ran my macros at 5ms for the last 2 years and i know Many people here who do the same and not a single issue. We have never had in my opinion, someone who got a warning or banned for this. If things have change, then i dnt know.

hi, is there a benefit for running it so fast ? won’t it skip spells?

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I was banned for 6 months in legion for this very thing, when you click too fast they automagically think your using 3rd party software and will ban you for it. 100 ms is what Timothyluke (the creator of GSE) suggests as the lowest. you’ve just been very lucky so far.

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just so you know buddy you can ligit spam this at 0ms if you wanted as gse is not against tos maybe it was back in legion but it defo isent now

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No. Its not banable. Its already been stated a few times. There are a couple members that like to keep the rumor alive for whatever reason. Now if you toggle it on and leave thats a different story. But you can not get banned for pressing macros faster than 100ms

Thats a blatant lie. There are blue posts confirming you can not be banned just for clicking buttons too fast. If you really did get banned for 6 months it wasnt for running a basic GSE macro too fast. You probably set up some type of automation or went afk.