Gaupanda BM Hunter 9.2.7 (Make BM Hunter Great Again)

I have no doubt about the possibility of getting a ban here. As I said in my answer, everyone has different choices. I know and acknowledge Timothy’s suggestions or recommendations. In the matter of useful information. @TimothyLuke is 100% correct, I support his suggestion.

However, people can play with 50ms or 250ms or whatever speed they set with any particular macro they’re running. It is their own risk to accept. I don’t judge or argue with it. That’s exactly who I am and the culture I grew up in. :slight_smile: Thank you!

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Improved macro, do more damage

wheres the updated improved macro?

Hey No54A2,

I haven’t post it yet. I’ll put it in my Discord Link first. Immortal Que'thalas (Soulless)

i joined the discord but is it fresh as nothing in it yet?

server isn’t boots yet. I will put it in there soon under BM lodge

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am I able to change the ms speed myself?

Hey Magician,

Yes, you can run this macro with any Speed you want. But the result may vary different.

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great but how /where to change it?

It’s depend on 3rd party program that you run like Razer Synapse, Logic Tech, etc…

in looking around, I don’t see where I can change setting?

Either you use External MS Timings Aka (Logic Tech or Razer Synapse). You can set your own speed in MS Click Rate. I personally Never use that option, so I don’t know how its works


ok thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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No Problem Mate, have fun and enjoy

Just place Multi Shot on a modifier and run the single target macro and sustain beast cleave yourself :slight_smile:

no permissions on your Discord. Can’t see anything

It is in my Bm Hunter Lodge

hmmm dont see it posted in there

It should be in there as I posted earlier today