Gaupanda - Crusader Templar Mythic+ and AOE Build. 4/16/2023




Really really good macro. In a M+6 last night, I started with 97k DPS, eventually finished at 48k overall DPS throughout the whole dungeon on top. In raids, I’m finishing 3-4 on the list, and I’m only item level 374 which is very low to do a +5 or a +6 with. Any other class I would still be doing +3 and +4. Pally DPS is very high, this macro does everything right.

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Have you tried more higher key runs?

hi i have a question will there be a new update in the next patch that makes your marco not work im disabled and bed bound so all i can do is play wow so im really nervous if there will be a time i cant play🙂

If there will be changed for Retribution Paladin in the next Patch that I’ve noticed. The macro will be updated accordingly to accommodate the new changes.

Yep been doing +11s and still works well though my either my gear is still lacking, because I’m doing really good DPS (50k+ on dungeon average) I’m usually first, sometimes third depending on what other classes are brought. If an Enh Shammy comes in, Enh always beats a Ret Pally due to speed with Windfury.

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Enhance Shammy doing good? Hard to believe it bro

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I’ll post a screenshot next time I’m in a group with Enhance. They can do more damage than Pallies, but it really depends on WF and haste. If they have a ton of haste, they can beat most DHs too. I would say in AOE situations is where Pallies shine, in ST its lacking in the M+ areas.

Windfury totem is mostly use in Raid Build. Enhance Shaman using Raid Build in M+. I don’t like the way they change Enhance Shaman nowadays. Always watch out for procs…

as always another fun mac 38k overall iLvl 383 on 2 rlp pretty good consodering the tank led all catagories :sweat_smile: ok 59 k overall in AA

The build that is getting a lot of attention for Enhance is the Physical M+ build. This build seems to destroy other melee DPS. It does not focus on CL or LB, this is a very similar to the Legion and BFA builds that used Wolves, and Crash Lightning.

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38k is a bit low, at 383. I’m 385 item level, but I’m doing between 45 and 62 depending on the fight.

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Yah… that’s a Phýs Build. People must be using My Patron Version Of enhance Shaman.

I haven’t use Paladin macro for PVE. I use for PVP and got me to Challenger 2. Although, I strated PVP very late in Seson 1.

With this macro? Cause I’m 397 with 4 sets and with raid build, max I can sustain is 54k

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What is your current ilvl now?

Still the same, 398 and yet your macro is the best one for me, it gives exactly what I sim

Sound Good… Nothing better than… I thrill that they didn’t mess up Retribution Paladin Talent Tree.

Hi Gua, been using your macro and just its working great for AOE but not for ST. Could you help me as to whats going on? Im very new to macros. My ilvl is 432 and im pulling about 120-160k AOE and about 50k ST.

DM me on My Discord. I’ll get back with you when Inget home tonight from work.