Where Is the Steady Shot?

Something was funky. Every time I put cobra shot into the macro to replace steady shot, it would revert back to steady shot. I fixed it by putting the spell id rather than the word cobra shot and it finally corrected itself. strange

It could be bug or glitch.

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The Discord link has expired. I would like to join and test your beta macro, please., here you go

so i use your st and aoe macros separately, albeit with my own talents pretty similar to what you have. on average i deal about 75% of the sim ratings for my toon (446 bm hunter) st i sim about 130 and do about 100k, then aoe just depends on the fight and mobs so thats always hard to tell. is everyone seeing about the same results percentage wise? i found guapandas and the orc something were similarly dpsing, but guapandas edging them out. currently 4/9m with my raid, almost 5 with us progging on m mag(i missed out on rashok and experiments) in 20s with an augvoker im doing about 160k overall, without about 125k overall with your aoe macro. would like to talk more at some point and see if theres anything i can do to help out, cuz these are about the only high end competitive macros ive found, tanks are decentish on dk and druid, not so much on others, and other classes damage thru gse is just in the gutter in my opinion as ive tried going to alts but just keep coming back to this and your macro, which has helped so much since i have hand issues.

also im just hopping on ptr and going to be trying it out and see what needs tweeking for that 10.2, with the rework it has me worried that with all the changes this may too fall to the issue of not running well with this class.

and part 3 lol i am greenarroww-frostmane if you would like to look my toon up to see logs or anything. dont mind the raids lately tho, progging has been lots and lots of deaths lmao

Are you using Version 5 Mythic+ Macro and Raid Single Target Version 4b?

st i am using orc_bm_st_raid2
aoe i am using guapanda_bm_mt
i have not modified neither macro for anything.
running them both at 150ms on a logitech g600 set up for repeating on/off button for aoe and one for st.

The current version BM Hunter Macro on here is version 5. Come in my Discord, and Message me.

i tried your discord link and it said invalid lol

but im gona import your current one up top and see how it feels
i also matched the gse to my mouse which i hadnt done and it improved dps last night in a heroic raid a bit

Hello, I sometimes have a problem with the macro and it becomes unusable.
I have to reload to make it work again, any idea of ​​the problem?

AOE seem to be working well for me but Single Target Macro it seem to be super low with my 440ilvl only doing 50k on Single Dummy no idea why

if I wanted to add this line:

/cast [@focus, help] [@pet, nodead, exists] Misdirection

what block would be the best?

All the links for your discord are no longer valid…can you post an updated discord link please.

I am a 444 Bm… using this I hover around 81k single target. I’d love to get it to 100k

Are you using version 5 or 6?

I sent you a private message