General WoW question - Bag Filter for items already on AH

Does anyone know of an addon where I can filter my bag or bank inventory to hide items that are already posted on the auction house?

I have other addons (like bagnon and Auctioneer/Auctionator) where I can mouse over an item and it shows if I have an item in my bank, my bags, on the auction house, etc., but I have to mouse over all the items to see if a duplicate item is already listed in the AH.

I have an AH character who typically has $100-200k of items posted at any moment and I have a lot of the same items in my bank and bags so I will have backups when items sell but having to mouseover each item to see if it has been posted in the AH is a pain and takes a long time.

The mouseover function already shows the data so surely there is addon of some type for this.

Thought I would see if anyone had any ideas

Maybe the AdiBags addon? It has a filter and a bunch of customizations.