Genius Wanted! Barbed Shot with Ferocity Stacks to 3x

We need an updated macro, now that our Beloved 1Pharmacist Booty Hunter has retired.
Alternatively a couple macro s that will do the following.

  1. Keep Kill Command up on cooldown without interfering with Barbed shot 's Ferocity stacks. none of the gse macros have done that great so far. (the Ferocity Stacks are what makes Booty’s macro so good)…well one reason.
  2. Fire Barbed Shot so Ferocity stacks can be achieved, stacks of 3 would be nice
  3. Keep Bestial Wrath and Aspect of the Wild overlapping properly without too much down time
  4. Incorporate Azarite Abilities, which are a huge part of our dps now, Concentrated Flame would be good
  5. Adding in /Cast [@cursor] Dire Beast: Hawk (or basalisk) in the right place as to not mess up barbed shot, or the other short abilities, not the long blast.

. Our Highest dps can be obtained by keeping high stacks of Ferocity going, while at the same time timing when our Buff’s fire, Bestial Wrath and…Aspect of the Wild . one is 20 sec and one is 15, so its better if the 20 sec goes first. (i will look up when I’m not half asleep). Taking out Chimera shot talent seems to help with Ferocity Stacks,


A macro that requires us to to some extra work. Like leave Barbed Shot out, if all the other stuff is managed then working just barbed shot wouldn’t be too bad, there are addons and WeakAuras that help with getting good stacks, knowing when you are able to keep it going, or if there is no time left. An improved Weakaura to go with it would be great.

THIS macro would have to do the following as perfectly as possible.

  1. Keep Kill Command up at all times(even Bootyhunter’s sometimes needed more Killcommand),2. Pop Bestial Wrath and Aspect of the Wild in the right overlapping order.3. Fire Concussive shot in pvp mode (on cooldown would be too much).4. Use Concentrated Flame off Cooldown (tricky as cooldown varies)

*** OPTIONAL Fire Tar trap with {{{ /cast [@cursor] Tar Trap }}} off cooldown, Fire Dire Beast: Hawk [(or Basilisk) off cooldown also @ cursor. and Hi-Power Explosive.

we have a way too complicated rotation to do it running around in mythic+ and not die imo. Automating even half would go a long way.

Help us smart guys, your our only hope!

PS, if someone just took Bootyhunter 1Pharmacist’s macro as a base and made a few versions, that would be the easy way to start, it was damn near perfect.


Please give my macro a try and be very critical!! Please and thank you!! You can find it here: Elfyau's 8.2 BM Macro

Sorry to tell you but it just wont happen there is no way to tell a cast to function when a stack of another cast is at a certain point.
You can however macro in a command to hit another key to tell it to fire when YOU see the stack is complete and ready for firing but you will never be able to macro anything to fire a certain cast when (a stack of something is full).
They built it that way because if such thing existed then EVERYONE would be the same DPS in that class just by running that macro. You know something like a participation award.

your right, were not trying to BOT here.

by reducing some of the things gse is doing ive managed to get steady 2 or 3x stacks of ferrocity, at least keeping one up.

Ive been messing with GSE, testing all the macros here , snagging parts from each one.


GSE macros work best if you know how to play the class well already and adjust them as you go, and it took me a few months to figure out how to get close to optimal DPS from BFA 8.2 BM hunters.

My hunter Sims at 30,000, if I use all the buffs Raidbots wants you to use (potions and such), Using GSE macros but also running a WeakAuras that shows Ferrocity stacks (and if they will be able to be refreshed) I can get a steady 27,000 dps on the Patchwerk Training dummy, 10 mins I know i could get it even higher if I also manually controlled Bestial Wrath and Aspect of the Wild.

24000 to 25000 if i just let the macro run.

I found a Base GSE Macro that currently does even better than BootyHunters at keeping up the Ferrocity Stacks (Now that we have more things Such as Concentrated Light added into the mix messing up the timing, that one doesn’t work as well as it used to).

Im working on 2 versions of BM hunter macro now, by stealing the best parts from all the macros you guys shared (borrowing, appropriating?<3).

One is a simple all in one, the other is for min/maxer tryhards where you have to do Barbed Shot , Bestial Wrath and Aspect of the Wild manually.

I will credit everyone I’ve swiped ideas from. Macro should be ready in a day or 2, Ive gotten them almost right a couple times now and they didn’t save from shutting down without logging out.


Waiting for your Update bud, I been doofing around with my own and would love to compare !

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I had the damn thing almost perfect, then messed it up. couple important things i found are having the azarite talent that stretches Ferocity to 9 seconds, and dropping chimera shot. Chimera shot might sim better, but trying to automate like this works best without it. I had steady 3 stacks running. Ill work on it again, had it running right at my sim (have to tap barbed shot or kill command once in a while), ill include the weak auras that gives you a ferrocity stack bar/ says if it can be recharged in time, etc. having this line is important /castsequence Kill Command, Barbed Shot and /CastSequence Cobra shot,Cobra shot , loading it up with /cast murder of crows so that goes off all the time for crowds of weak mobs. will post something clean later tonite.


Hey Adam, im looking forward to test a final version of your BM Macro :slight_smile: Please share it to us and maybe with some impressive Logs to work with.

still waiting for the macro to be posted so we can all try it out and give are feed back

posting. Modified Sekh’s macro to include 8.2 and azarite abilites. changed a few things too.

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So ,I am not the genius you are looking for, but I did make a in game macro which has the guts of a working system. i use it for the start of fights OR alot of machanice is happening and I lag out ( happens often)

/targetenemy [dead][noexisits][noharm]
/castsequence reset=target/combat Kill Command, cobra shot, Barbed Shot, Cobra Shot, Cobra Shot

If it helps people make a GSM version, it would be nice. I have been tweeking it for my stats which are
ilvl 433- crit 37% , Haste 14%, 37% mast, 2% Vers