Geo's Mythic+ && Raid BM Hunter

Long time user, first time posting.
Here’s my Macro…

SHIFT: Multi-Shot
CTRL: Counter Shot
ALT: Survival Of the Fittest && Exhilaration

Shift = AoE
Ctrl = Interrupt
Alt = Save Me!!!





Updated: Sunday, March 26th 2023

Simplified the macro a bit and hopefully allows for import now.
Be sure to “set Focus” at your tank so you can auto-misdirect every 30 seconds. Otherwise pets get the misdirect by default.

HIGHLY Recommend the WeakAura to monitor Beast Cleave for AoE and knowing when to recast Multi-Shot. It also tracks Barbed Shot so you can see your stacks and get a better idea how often it’s proc’ing. The sounds are a bit annoying, and I haven’t really looked into turning those off yet (my weakaura game is a bit weak lol).

Unbuffed 55K DPS ST & 120K AoE on 5x Target Dummies.
I’m ilvl 415 and got my KSM with this macro and pushing KSH.
Procs to reset Barbed Shot and keep it’s uptime seem heavily reliant on Haste, seems to keep good uptime with 25% but noticed it’s far better after 30%. I recently dropped to 27% by replacing Second Ring with the new Onyx Annulet w/ M+ BiS Gems @ ilvl 424 and saw DPS increase with this new ring.

I run at 118ms (been a lucky number of mine for decades), feel free to test at other speeds if you’d like.

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.29-2-g5d175bd.

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Macro unable to be imported

Makro kann nicht importiert werden


Simplified the macro a bit and hopefully allows for import now.
I had a guildie test and they could import without issues using the updated macro.

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I tested the newest version and its very good. If you could find a way to improve dps even more, that would be nice.

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Thanks I will try it on my alt

to date, alas, there is no macro that perfectly executes 3 stacks of fixed barbed shots and manages to comply especially in high dps aoe.
unfortunately it is also due to the heavy nerf that we have on hunter bm, and that blizzard persists in not seeing. with patch 10.1 they redesigned some talents but it’s even worse. until there is a decisive change we will always suffer from all sides.

Heya M8.
Simple question or maby two lol. Is this 118 ms up and down? Or just 118 ms. up and 118 down ms.?

Greets Keed.

morning ^^

gonna give this a go :slight_smile:

TY for your work good sir!

I would love to try this but when I try to load the talents it says it’s out of date and won’t allow me to continue.

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ive tried to import your talents, but it says its unable to be imported due to out of date, How do I simplify it like some people have mentioned, I am new to this.

Here you go!

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Thankyou, you’re a star! <3