Getting Disconnected from Wow using GSE

So i’ve been using GSE for a long time & used on multiple classes (i have joint issues in my hand so it’s really benefical) but i’ve started leveling my BM hunter he’s currently 65 & when i hold the button in i after a few seconds i get disconnected from wow. It happens repeatedly, i figured it was that the MS click delay was too high for BM hunter i’ve always ran it at 250ms on every class & never had an issue before so i’ve increased this and got it ok at about 425ms however if primal rage etc is on i’ll get disconnected only way i can get it to work is to just repeatedly press the button (i have them macro’d onto the buttons on side of my mouse so if i hold down one button it will be like i’m repeatedly pressing it) my question is … is there anything else i can do i’m using “EA_BMH_OB” / ’ Izzerri BM 10-70 updated 12/16/2022’ can’t remember exactly which bm hunter (dragonflight) macro it is, but do you think it’s just timing out because it’s doing too many actions or something or is it an issue with the macro itself & i should try a different one?

never heard of a person getting disconnected using a macro before. But I will glad look at my macro, if you are using it. But I can’t think of any function of a macro that would cause you to disconnect honestly,


Hi Izzi, i love you work i’ve used them on multiple classes but never had any issues before…right so i think it’s working ok now … i unticked - use external MS timings - ‘enable timing functions by using click refresh speed as a pseudo timer’ … and ticked the ‘prevent ui error’s’ and trialing it at 250ms atm and it’s not disconnecting me so maybe it was a ui error or something … just couldn’t understand why i was getting disconnected on this guy & none of rest

no still unfortunately disconnecting me if i hold in for too long

very strange, what version of my macro are you using?
and have you tried other BM macros to see if you are having the same problem?

@TimothyLuke have you ever seen this issue before, I know you are a busy person and hate to bother, but you know me. I am not afraid to ask.

Slow down your spam rate. If you are getting disconnected you are flooding the server.

he said he slowed it down to 425ms

Then slow it further. If that’s not it then the template is too complicated for his computer.

I am trying to think if there is anything I can put in a macro that can disconnect a player, that info I need for my wife’s macros when she is being mean. j/k

And Thank you @TimothyLuke for sharing your knowledge and taking some of your time to respond. much appreciated, as always.

just a idear becouse i have had some one say this to me befor but could it be one of his or her other addons or a conection problem becouse of wifi or something like that? other question how old is the computer? do you have many things running in the background? are you useing a vpn? all things that can couse d/c’s

It’s newish laptop, handles wow perfectly never had any issues & been using GSE for past 2 expansions (on different computer) & this expan ran few different feral & always ran it at 250ms and it’s been perfect, i have it connected via ethernet cable on Gig1 broadband virgin media so i’m getting pretty decent internet. No vpn, nothing else running on it. I have tried another GSE Macro for the BM hunter & there’s no issues at all it’s not DC’ing, so it was just incase there was some box that i wasn’t ticking but god only knows why it was happening, but i’m running another bm macro at 250ms and it’s not dc/ing … thanks everyone for your replies, just one of them random things i guess :slight_smile: