Gimli AFF 10.2 All in one

Gearing Haste > Mastery > Crit > Vers
Running at 100ms
Ready for 4 pc, or none at all. This macro will get things done for you. Talents are baked into the macro, but will list them as a seperate copy as well. There is a @cursor for Vile Taint, so please be mindful of your surroundings my young padawans. I made Grimoire of Sacrifice optional as you might want Blueberry out for tanking while soloing. (In Raid/M+) → Dont forget to MANUALLY use Fel Domination, summon your FelHunter, then EAT HIM!!! Bwahahahahaha! This will give you a buff, and an interupt. try it or not, its here if you need it. Enjoy :slight_smile:

The Macro


The Talents


could you add fel dom, summon, and eat into the macro?

I did that originally, but it caused the macro to hang up anytime fel domination was on CD.

I tried it, I do about 130k-160k burst AOE and settles on 90k, and 75k single burst and settles on 60k sustained, I feel like this is kind of low but im not sure why, my normal single is 120k burst and 90k sustained and my aoe usually is 200k burst with 150kish sustained on my other macro I was using.

Sadly Affliction is not the highest performing right now. I Enjoy Aff, because too me it feels like a warlock. Demo feels like an off brand hunter. Destro feels like a fire mage. imo


what about summon and eat?

The other issue is even with a [nopet;dead] flag, the macro will keep trying to cast Grim Sac. I will mess with it some more once im home, and let you know what i come up with in about 3hrs ( currently at work lol ) but i like to reply as fast as I can.

not sure if afflic is just more gear dependent, but on a boosted 427 warlock the best I can get is 33k single 50 ish multi. destro and demo hit miles ahead of afflic atm with the same gear no 4 set. This macros is also running out of manna about 2 minutes into casting.

hmm i got with GS366 120k at 5 Dummies