Glad DPS Low

#EDIT: Nevermind, GS and Simple Rotation seem to be broken and the devs are not responding. GG.

GS works fine

Sure, if by “fine” you mean that you have to manually press the button to advance the macro.

as 01100110 alrdy mentioned GS still works, at least the latest version (r5) still does.
I use it with my macro keys, it also depends on what kind of bind you use on your “macro-keys”.
1 hit 1 spell,
1 hit 1x complete macro during pressing down,
1 hit enables 2nd hit disables macro.

I don’t know about Single Macro though, I’m not using it. (Not yet.)
But did you think of this, the option exists that with patch 6.2 of WoW the combination of both doesn’t work anymore until a update?
Also I checked Single macro, it hasn’t been updated since 6.0.2.!

I’m using his macro, GS does not do what you say, or maybe I don’t understand your english.

1 key press = begins macro
1 key press = steps to next spell in macro
1 key press = steps to next spell in macro

Download autohotkey and use this code (change the number you use) ie. $1:: $2:: $3:: (“1”,“P”) (“2”,“P”) (“3”,“P”) Send, {1} Send, {2} Send, {3}

SetKeyDelay 70,100
#HotkeyInterval 9000
  While GetKeyState("1","P")
    Send, {1}
	Sleep  -1

If your looking for something that does your rotations automatically that would be a bot and a bannable offence.

Edit: i just found this.

tip: if GS not working with you just remove the addon from the addons file (delete) and then install a fresh one but make sure to copy Sequences.LUA before doing that , after that you can past the file again and try , its shall work.

GS works fine for me. I haven’t checked recently if it’s been updated, but, i enabled out of date addons and works