Global Cooldown error "Whoosh" sound

Global Cooldown error “Whoosh” sound. I find this really annoying, does anyone have a fix for this. There used to be an ad-don called eroorbegone but looks like its not available anymore. Im not talking about the error text gut the whoosh noise when the macro is trying to use an ability thats still on the gcd.

AFAIK there isn’t an audible alert for GSE, never has been, unless it was added recently.

What other addons are you currently using?

its not for GSE, its a wow sound effect itself. Sorry I should have explained.

The sound file is called “fizzle”. There used to be various addons that would block the sound, but I’m not sure if they work anymore - you’d have to check into that. Alternatively, you could replace the existing audio file with a blank audio file, but you cannot delete it.