Gluttony and Vision of Perfection (Update)

As there was no intrest in creating a macro with this specc, i did it on my own :slight_smile: Test it. Pease let me know. :grinning:



I do 18’s with my dh tank macro using the talents that are on the post.
gluttony and vision together might seem like a great idea on paper but its just too RNG for higher keys.
in high keys you need to use your defensives at the right times and know when you need to have them up.
with the build ur asking about, honestly i wouldn’t like having to rely on a proc rather have heals when i need them as many times as i need them :smiley: but that being said you play how u wanna play

Hey Blade. Thanks 4 your reply. ATM i am playing your Macro with some minor modification and it is working well, even on 15+. I am just curious for this combo. I totally agree with your arguement that it is related on procc, but i would like to see how offten it proccs. And btw don´t forget the decrease of cooldown so you have Meta at least evey 2 min. in the meantime you have Demonic as deff.

Sry 4 my bad english :slight_smile:

What do you thing? Isn´t it a try worth?

My Best

Im not going to make a macro with gluttony and vision lol mine works extremely well i have no need to change mine XD. U can always try it urself haha

try it in 12-14 keys and 4 myth raid.
what u progress ? ilvl ? essences ?

Hey Nefrit,
glad to see that at least one have tested it. :slight_smile: Im running actual +17 with this macro and it works , so far, fine for me.


Essences :grinning:


I am not raiding too much, but i did myth the first 3 Encounter without having any problem.

Hopefully that will help.

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Wow this macro is excellent. I was struggling to go above a +12 with the old BladePro macro, but ive managed to do a few 15s with this! :slight_smile:

Hey Bro,

good to hear!! Always open for critism (in good or bad). Really nice to see that someone is playing around with my macro!!!


what speed ms you all using for this set up may I ask

Hey sure you are welcome :slight_smile:
i run it with 20ms delay

thanks for the fast reply , just guessing cause I run it the same
and seems to run pretty well , thanks

NP :slight_smile:

Keep pushing. If you have anything changed to a better one let me know.


wow it’s perfect thank you

Happy to hear that :slight_smile:

Keep pushing your DH tank to max and show what we are able to rule !!! :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

This is the build that you need going forward in 8.3 - at least according to Method. I am gonna give it a try and see how it feels.

I just ran a couple of mythics with this - nothing heavy duty, just mythic 0’s but it worked really well and good dps. Great job!

Good to hear. Maybe some changes (additional stuff will come). Actually i am rerolled to my Prot.

Anyway guys, keep pushing

Are there any updates to this in 8.3? It still seems to be working great, i’ve done up to +10 with it in 8.3 but don’t want to miss any updates!

STill working pewrfekt for me :slight_smile:

macro runs wonderful, glad to see a macro for gluttony talent. been using this talent since day 1 of 8.0 when everyone else ran with spirit bomb so i had to modify macro’s to what i needed it to do for that talent.

PS: i never cared for spirit bomb even back in legion but i do have to say the proc for meta is not crap like most people say. i find that it proc’s nicely an with all the orbs around the more you proc it which i never ever see myself orb hungry.

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