Gluttony and Vision of Perfection (Update)

As there was no intrest in creating a macro with this specc, i did it on my own :slight_smile: Test it. Pease let me know. :grinning:


I do 18’s with my dh tank macro using the talents that are on the post.
gluttony and vision together might seem like a great idea on paper but its just too RNG for higher keys.
in high keys you need to use your defensives at the right times and know when you need to have them up.
with the build ur asking about, honestly i wouldn’t like having to rely on a proc rather have heals when i need them as many times as i need them :smiley: but that being said you play how u wanna play

Hey Blade. Thanks 4 your reply. ATM i am playing your Macro with some minor modification and it is working well, even on 15+. I am just curious for this combo. I totally agree with your arguement that it is related on procc, but i would like to see how offten it proccs. And btw don´t forget the decrease of cooldown so you have Meta at least evey 2 min. in the meantime you have Demonic as deff.

Sry 4 my bad english :slight_smile:

What do you thing? Isn´t it a try worth?

My Best

Im not going to make a macro with gluttony and vision lol mine works extremely well i have no need to change mine XD. U can always try it urself haha

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