Gnome Sequencer Answers

Ok I thought I’d chime in on this thread. I’ve only been using this addon since launch of WoD so I’m in no way an expert but below is a list of issues I’ve encountered along with the solutions. I’ve also tried to answer some of the questions I’ve read other people asking about.

Question: Sequence File not showing after copying someone’s sequence’s to your file.

Answer: I’ve found that when copying the lines from the website to my own file the formatting looks right but it isn’t. Try manually typing in exactly as seen to ensure formatting works for you. Using Notepad++ might help with syntax but I haven’t tried that yet.

Question: My macro doesn’t work after putting my prot sequences in.

Answer: Any spell with a ‘ in it for example Avenger’s Shield requires the line to be formatted with a “ in order to work properly in my experience. If a spell has a ‘ in it then the line should look like this “/cast Avenger’s Shield”,.

Question: How do I add other macros to the list.

Answer: Simply add new macros to the bottom. I’m currently not aware of a limit but have macros for most of my characters that work without issue. If you add a new macro and find that all your macros are not working then it’s a syntax error in the one you just added. You can determine the line with the error commenting out each line until you find the problem child. To comment the line out simply put this in front of each line - - without the space between the dashes.

I’ve heard that the ! mark or [[]] prioritize spells but can’t verify so welcome any confirmation/feedback on the special characters and whether or not they actually do prioritize spells within the sequence.

There may be many other questions but I see these the most. Please feel free to provide any feedback.

I’m getting the message failed to load sequences.lua or contains no macros.
I could understand if I’d changed something but it was working fine when I went to work this morning.
Tried uninstalling and doing it all again, no joy on any characters. Tried with no other macros running, still no joy.

Did you accidentally overwrite the first line? If this is not the first line in your file then it will fail.

local _, Sequences = … – Don't touch this

If that doesn’t do it make a backup of your file and remove all your other macros except the first one and see if that works. It’s likely that you either accidentally overwrote the first line or it’s a syntax error.

Nope first line is exactly as is.
Not changed anything from when it worked this morning. Even started with renaming a fresh example lua file.
Wont be logging to try anything else now as I dont fancy a 5hr queue. But I’ll keep checking forums.
Thanks anyway.

ok, so I deleted everything and started with a new install of gnome sequencer. Worked fine. Right up to the point I added a sequence for another character then same thing happened again. All I’ve changed is added the new one right at the bottom, nothing deleted. Just seems a strange coincidence its happened again.

Then the new entry has a syntax error in it. If you want I can take a look at what you added.

The unfortunate truth of GnomeSequencer is that if there is a flaw in any one of the sequences you add then it will prevent all of them from working.

I can’t get gnome sequeser to work guess I am a noob

It’s super easy and my bet is that if you can’t get it working it’s because your using a copy paste from someone’s post. As i mentioned above i’ve found that copy paste doesn’t work properly due to some weird syntax that I wasn’t able to see but when i manually typed into the sequence file what i wanted to copy it worked perfectly. I know it’s weird but it helps.

That said here is all you need to do to get it working.

Place the sequences.lua file in the following directory (may be different depending on OS so just wherever your addon folder is). C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons\GnomeSequencer. Copy the others as well don’t recall the names just put all the files into that directory. Then in game create a macro exactly like you named it in the Sequences.lua file for example if in your sequence file you named it [HunterBMSingle] then your in game macro would need to be named HunterBMSingle with nothing in the body. It should automatically pick up what’s needed from the sequence file.

Reason i didnt get it to work in the start was actually just that i hadnt updated it to latest version…

Hi first post here, but long time site user. I am just wondering what operating system the people who are having “failed to load” problems are using.

The reason behind this is that I am using Windows 7 and have no problems, but a friend of mine who uses Vista is getting the failed to load error message, despite me copying all my files and sending them to him. So in effect he is using the exact same files as me but he gets the problem and I don’t.

Good question. I use Win7 so I can only speak to how it works on that platform. I believe a previous post indicated that once they updated gnomesequencer to the newest version they stopped getting the failed to load error. I’d then highly recommend that in the notepad (i use notepad++) that the encoding is set to UTF-8 as the ’ mark for some reason gets messed up during copy pastes and can cause the file not to load properly. Also, the very first line must be intact if not it will not load.

Another thing that might help if you can’t get the file to load is to change the name to just sequences without the .lua. The reason for this is that by default Windows doesn’t show file extensions so if your adding sequences.lua and the file extension isn’t showing then your actually naming it sequences.lua.lua which will cause it to fail. Just a thought as those who don’t work in the IT world typically aren’t concerned/familiar with showing file extensions.

I have been trying for about 8 hrs now trying tabs no tabs " and ’ delete so many times and re wrote I think I got a hole in the hd where gs is going. I cannot get any action at all in wow I have watched and followed 7 videos. I need help. phone, team viewer you name it I am game for this. and yes I have tried notepad, note++ and typing it in manually. any help would be greatly appreciated.