Gnome sequencer not working

Has anyone notice if their gnome sequencer has ceased working? Mine did and after uninstalling and then doing a new install, it stall fails to work. Even in game it fails to read a macro. What is going on? Please someone help me correct this problem.

I have been using this addon for quite sometime. I love it. I use it on all my toons. It is fantastic. Since I changed computers two days ago, I’m having trouble. Never had problems before. The trouble I’m having is that the addon will not load in game. wow doesn’t see it. I have downloaded the zip from WowInterface. unzipped the file to Interface/addon in the wow files. I found 4 files in the GnomeSequencer file. I renamed the ExampleSequences file to Sequences.lua (not .lua.lua). I opened the Sequences file and, using notepad++ pasted in a macro that worked last week. I did not disturb the first line. I opened wow and checked the addon list. It is not there. It was there 2 days ago. I have done this about 20+ times looking for various causes. Until now I have not understood the frustration with installing GS but now… I do not know what is going on. Why will GS not load in game?