Gnome Sequencer - Optimal mashing speed?

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Is there an optimal speed for mashing my GS macros or would it be largely dependent on the macro itself?


If you automate using AHK of a hardware tool like for Logitech keyboards or Razer, then the speed is between 30 and 60 ms.

Anything less than 30 ms and you run the risk of DCing. Anything more than 60 ms and you start to lose the flow of the rotation.

In reality 40-50 ms is the sweet spot and it takes tweaking the setting to get it right. For example, I use 40 MS exactly. While 38 will work, it tends to skip too much.

It depends on your ping to the server. Mine is 35ms so I use 0.035 in my Razer settings.

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Sorry noob question – How does one set the MS (like to 50)?


It really depends on what you are using to key spam with. It needs to be set in that application.

Having said that there is a change coming in the next version of GSE that wants to know what you have set that to externally so it can calculate time for things like pauses and delays.


0.045 ms
that seems crazy to me

i been using 0.50ms
its not realiatic to mash a button that fast
ive been top of da meters at .50

besides the p[ing time changes for me during game play
it can be 35
10min later 72ms

think about if you are auto keying every 0.0xx
ya not giving yaself time to inject your own cast in the rotation ot sequence
but if you have say 0.40 to 0.60 than when you want to fear, or hamstring, you’ll be able to do so

i tried doing 0.035 vs 0.30 and saw no gains at all in using 0.035ms

i recommend 0.40 to 0.60ms

its cause razer naga uses seconds and u have to convert secondws into ms so 1sec = .01ms

Ahk is auto hot key corect ? What all would i need to change ? I have a extended keyboard and a mmorpg mouse on top of my regular keyboard. Whatt settings would i need to change ?

The total combination of a keystroke should be around 250 msec ( 125 keyup + 125 keydown )"


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Thats through gse or my keypad and my mmorpg ?

Your keyboard or mouse software.