Gnome Sequencer

Does anyone know how to have multiple macro’s in Gnome Sequencer?

Sure do, press enter 2 times and start a new macro. It doesn’t just stop at one, you can go on forever.

Each Sequence is encapsulated with

Sequences['%name'] = {

%name is the name of the Macro and must be unique and be less than 16 characters in length.

Many Sequences then have 4 parts:

Step Function

PreMacro:(attempts to be executed every time you press the macro button)

PreMacro = [[

Macro: (each button press moves forward one step typically but there are known issues)

'/cast Spell',
'/cast Another Spell',

PostMacro:(tries to execute these actions after the macro step above with each button press)

PostMacro = [[
/cast Some spell