GnomeSequencer won't show

I downloaded, extracted to the Interface/Addon folder for my WoW, just like the video’s I’ve been watching have shown me.

When i log into the game and check my addon list off my character select screen it doesn’t even show up. I’ve tried several times of deleting it… re-extracting it… but nothing

Please explain to me how much of an idiot I’m being… Lol

From what your describing i would say your doing everything right, the only thing i can think of is to check if the addon is showing out of date and ticking the load out of date addons at the character select screen.

Inside you program files, wow folder, interface, addons you should have a folder called gnomesequencer…inside that should be 3 files, the only one you need to change is the example sequences file…Do not name it sequences.lua because it will save as sequences.lua.lua

Instead just name it sequences

Hope this helps