Where did Mufti macro post go?

He posted that one of the admins basically attacked him without provocation because he pointed out problems in that admin’s macro so he was taking his ball and leaving.

Damn, he made a very good macro that I was keeping up on

Yeah. If you have it. Plz export it here. I didn’t get a chance to check it out.

I am the admin he was having a conflict with.

The truth is that he was a user of this forum 3 years ago that returned recently to contribute once again. He offered a couple of macros, one of which was his DH macro.

However, he also took to my Havok and Vengeance threads, as well as the leading Hunter threads, calling them broken and substandard. While he then either edited or removed his negative remarks in the hunter threads, he doubled-down on mine when I tried to work with him on why he felt that way.

Instead of working with me, listening to my concerns about his macro design, trying to understand my methodology, collaborate, or just let us both disagree and move along, he chose to attack me publicly. Several of his attacks were personal. Even after I tried to disengage, he did not stop.

This drew the attention of other admins who attempted to mitigate the situation. Not on my behalf, but on behalf of actual macro performance and the preservation of our culture of a helpful community. For their effort, they were attacked as well.

As a last warning, I scrubbed my thread of his threats and told him to stick to his own and develop his macro separately. This resulted in a several PMs attacking me on a personal and derogatory level before he changed his account name and deleted his thread.

I will post his macro here. I will let you do what you wish with it. It’s a good macro, and as I suggested publically in my thread when this began, I think people should give it a try. You’ll notice some issues with it, the issues I wanted to help him understand and resolve, but unfortunately, that is not how it turned out.


If he wishes to return at a later date, I have personally requested that he not be banned. He is free to continue contributing to this or any other macro he wishes. However, his actions will not be tolerated again.

Great response. Too bad things couldn’t be worked out. You both seem like level headed people.

Yeah that does suck. What concerns did you have with his macro might I ask?

THe main body of the macro is this:

/cast [nochanneling] Immolation Aura
/cast [nochanneling] Blade Dance
/castsequence [nochanneling,] Eye Beam, Chaos Strike, Chaos Strike, Demon's Bite, Demon's Bite, Chaos Strike, Chaos Strike
/castsequence [nochanneling] Demon's Bite, Chaos Strike

Written as such, the first cast sequence will fire Eye Beam and then do the rest of the sequence, but because Eye Beam has a 30 second cooldown this entire line will be locked until that CD is up.

The second line is meant to fix that by giving you a builder, Demon’s Bite, but it also has a spender, Chaos Strike. So if you happen to have no more Fury this line won’t increment anymore, either. It won’t reset to Demon’s Bite if it can’t do Chaos Strike. Further, if Eye Beam comes off cooldown but you still have not gained any Fury, the first line will not increment beyond Eye Beam.

In this scenario, you will be completely locked up until Immolation Aura comes off its cooldown after 30 seconds (adjusted by haste) and gives you enough Fury to continue the macro.

This is most notable when you do not have the haste to make IA’s cooldown faster than at least half of Eye Beam’s CD, give or take a GCD. For example, if you are leveling a new DH or as soon as BfA hits and you start abandoning your optimized gear. Your first fight or two is fine, and then suddenly you’re only auto attacking your third group of mobs.

This is why my macro looks a lot more random. You might be throwing a lot more abilities at the wall hoping something sticks, but it will always give you two Demon’s Bites to shore up your Fury whenever you get low. You should never starve. As a result, you can choose whatever talents you want and won’t require multiple macros depending on gear or build, but still get the same or even better performance. So far. Who knows in BfA?

Ok, thats well explained and I thank you for taking the time on it. I have used your macros before and love them just as well so I hope nothing like this ever stops you from making them.