Good macro for mythic keys

Hi, is there a good blood dk macro for 20s mythic plus keys around ?

its best if you go test the ones on the site and decide yourself, some ppl are gonna say this one or that one. i would say test out Gaupanda, NTX, and Elfyau. but those are the big names, so one of the smaller name ppl might be good also.

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bams macro still works very well.

and jmetz blood macro works well too

which one is that ? I didnt find anyone named Bam’s.

I havn’t seen Bam post a recent update but i’ll attach a link to his thread from the the last one I used. Keep in mind its an archived post which is probably why you never saw it… Hes a pretty good macro creator.

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Hey guys. I’m still around and still playing WoW. Unfortunately I don’t have the time on my hands these days to keep all of the macros updated. But, I’m happy to help if I can. Feel free to add me on discord Bam2447


Glad youre still around, great macros!