GS Balance 6.2.4 Updated 100% working

Fixed error when it was locking up.checked skada all buffs and spells going off . as soon as i fugure out how to post a video with the macro i will. ty all for your input :slight_smile:

Sequences["owlkin"] = {
StepFunction = [[
stepa = "5124331233124"
limit = string.len(stepa) or 1
if stepc == nil then
stepc = 1
if stepc >= limit then
stepc = 1
stepc = stepc + 1
step = tonumber(strsub (stepa, stepc, stepc))
PreMacro = [[
/cast [noform] Moonkin Form
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]

-- Macro 1
/run("Executing macro 1! (Starsurge)")
/cast [nochanneling]Starsurge

-- Macro 2
/run("Executing macro 2! (Celestial Alignment)")
/cast [nochanneling]Celestial Alignment

-- Macro 3
/run("Executing macro 3! (Starfire)")
/cast [nochanneling]Starfire

-- Macro 4
/run("Executing macro 4! (Moonfire)")
/cast [nochanneling]Moonfire

-- Macro 5
/run("Executing macro 5! (Incarnation: Chosen of Elune)")
/cast [nochanneling]!Incarnation: Chosen of Elune

PostMacro = [[
/cast !Incarnation: Chosen of Elune
/cast !Starsurge
/use [combat]13
/use [combat]14

Just tried this and could not get it to work, kept giving me the error saying “Ability is not ready” or “Spell is not ready” after hitting the button once, it casts my incarn and Celestial Alignment but that is it.

[quote quote=28126]Just tried this and could not get it to work, kept giving me the error saying “Ability is not ready” or “Spell is not ready” after hitting the button once, it casts my incarn and Celestial Alignment but that is it.


same problem

updated and fixed


Just tried it and it got lock for me. It might be the talents or what not but it didnt work after like the third ability. Let us know if you fix it!

ran it for 20 min all buffs all spells went off no lock ups on lvl 100 boomy
there is a time when he holds his hands to cast may be interpreted as a lock but he is 100 casting all the time



I started to use this macro with my druid and found that initially it starts off with a busts of high damage of 29 Dps and than slowly round the 20
My toon has a Gear level of 693 see the profile in my link

Even though Im satisfied with the dps output and not a regular raider, I find myself lacking sustainable damage while doing Raids and Mystics, which is slightly disappointing.

what Glyphs you are using

moonkin is not a spec that can effectively have any 1 button macro effectively work in its current form due to the nature of its mechanics.

I tested your macro vs playing my moonkin w/o any macros following the lunar/solar bar and starsurging then either 3 solars or 2 starfires and pulled almost 40% more dps w/o the macro. other classes can use 1 button macros more effectively. 1 thing I’ve always loved about moonkin is the nature of the way the class plays. It rewards proper mechanics and punishes bad mechanics more so than other caster classes by far.

If any of you are really disabled this is 1 class any 1 button macro will not work on effectively in its current form. Perhaps in legion definitely not the way it is now.

ty for the constructive criticism and in some ways i agree with you.However if you look around there are many useful macro’s on this site for all classes .I applaud all those that write them and give them tremendous respect.

Boomy can have a macro 2 or 3 button solution depending on play style can even have a oneshot macro is played properly.

Some is skill some is making it easier to pay attention to other things but macros will never make someone a great player but may do something awesome and help someone try a class they may never have tried before.

Battle on my friends

I have tried this macro “6.1 Boomkin GnomeSequencer Macro lvl 100” at page one. And i was sure this must be better, than these one button macros. But it wasn´t.
I tried to make a 2 sequence macro by my own and also failed in comparison with the one button macros… i dont understand it.

i have tried all macros here and have yet (including my own) to find a amazing boomy macro as of yet.

in the meantime i will try to make a new one and always working on others ty all for your feedback

battle on!!

edit: i burst at 31k and settle 18.7k in 636 crap gear no chants flasks etc

the reasoning of my macro is lunar does way more than solar hence why i didnt use solar spells

in addition celestial alignment causes starfile to deal more damage than wrath during lunar eclipse