GS-Core Error

I updated the GS Enhanced addon, post Patch 7.1. I now get an error that says "Cannot find a library instance of “CallbackHandler-1.0"”

Should I uninstall everything and reinstall? Or is there a fix for this?

It sounds like you are missing some folders. Did you just install GS-Core and not GS-SequenceEditor? The only optional part is GS-DraikMacros

I have both installed. The SequenceEditor frame pops up behind the error message with no text in it. I’ll try uninstalling the works, then reinstalling it.

Where did you install from? If you installed from GITHUB you will need to go hunting for the libraries and put them in the appropriate folders. The list is in .pkgmeta there’s about 15 of them.

Curse assembles all these every time I do a release into the Zip that is doenloadable from there and and I then copy that release to WowInterface.

Okay, deleted all GS folders and reinstalled GS-Enhanced. Disabled all addons, and only loaded GS-Core and SequenceEditor. Same issue came up.

Now I was getting the addons from the Curse Client. Should I pull them directly from the site? Or is there another side I should try?

I installed straight from Curse about 20 mins ago and don’t get this issue. Having said that I’m now on a bus and doing stuff from the phone. I won’t be able to have a look till I get to the Hotel in a couple of hours

I just downloaded the folder from Curse, after deleting everything GS related from the Addon folder. Unzipped the new folders, dropped them in the Addon folder, loaded the game. The only addons I had selected were the GS related ones. I noticed that the CallbackHandler folder was empty. Is it supposed to be empty on install? Or does it get populated after loading a few times?

Edit: I do appreciate the help with this, boss. I know you must be swamped today.

I found the problem - its missing a dependency of aceevent.

will have a fix out in the next 30 mins or so

1.4.4a is now on curse and wowinterface. Dependencies are now where they are supposed to be.

Works like a charm. Thanks!