GS-E and Clique


I am wondering how to use GS-E with clique. I have setup clique to use my lazymacro when I click on unit frames to damage mobs. This works but it doesn’t actually target the unit (mob) I am clicking on. It just attacks whatever is in front of me. Being a hunter this sometimes causes me to mark mobs nearby which results in pulling them and sometimes causing a wipe.

So my question is how can I actually target the mob I want to hit via clique using GS-E. I’m not sure whether I need to add something in the Clique macro or alter the lazymacro someway. This is the lazymacro I’m using:

Sequences['MMRaeCrows'] = {
author = "Raejyn",
specID= 254,
helpTxt = "Talent: 1313311",
PreMacro = [[
/run x=GetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX") SlashCmdList.UI_ERRORS_OFF()
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/cast [combat,nochanneling] !Blood Fury
/cast [combat,nochanneling] !Trueshot
'/cast [nochanneling] Windburst',
'/cast [nochanneling] Multi-Shot',
'/cast [nochanneling] Arcane Shot',
'/cast [nochanneling] Marked Shot',
'/cast [nochanneling] A Murder of Crows',
'/cast [nochanneling] Aimed Shot',
PostMacro = [[
/run SlashCmdList.UI_ERRORS_ON() SetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX",x)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.