GS Macros with Modifiers (Enh)

Hey all,
I’ve been using various macro solutions for a long time, thought I’d share the idea behind what I’m currently using as I think it’s probably the best solution out there right now. (Though it’s not 1 button macro, so ymmv)

The first part is using 2 keys, I’ve bound [ & ] to 2 macros, which toggle spam on using my mouse.
The key with both macros is how they behave when either Shift, Ctrl or Alt are held, it’s also about getting the probability of using the right ability at the right time as high as possible. (Weighting)

Macro 1

/cast [mod:shift] Frostbrand; [mod:ctrl] Flametongue; Boulderfist
/cast [nomod] Stormstrike
/cast [combat, nomod] Crash Lightning
/cast [combat, nomod] Feral Spirit

Macro 2

/cast [mod:alt] Lava Lash; Stormstrike
/cast [combat, nomod] Crash Lightning
/cast [mod:alt] Boulderfist

While holding Shift, Frostbrand is likely to be applied, Ctrl for Flametongue. (Stormstrike is on equal weighting, I hold the respective key usually during the last 4 seconds of uptime.) I find that a standard FT/FB castsequence never quite gets the ratio right, it either refreshes too early or falls off for too long, this is just the right amount of minimal manual input for dps gain.
If I’m at risk of losing Boulderfist/Landslide while high on Maelstrom, I hold Alt which uses Lava Lash to dump and increases Boulderfist weight.
This works because the only reason Boulderfist would be falling off is because of a high period of Stormbringer procs (Stromstrike every GCD) and ample Maelstrom. (Either due to Windfury luck, Doom Winds or Feral Spirits)

Feral Spirits being in the first macro is also important, it provides a blank key press in that macro which slightly increases the weight of the Stormstrike/Crash macro when no modifiers are held.

It’s not a lazy macro by any stretch, and it’s still slightly behind manually performing a perfect rotation… but when your attention needs to be on other things, this is the next best thing.

If you give it a go let me know, your results.
In ilvl849 gear I average 260k dps over 4 mins x10 fights.
Even afk, without Flametongue/Frostbrand or Lava Lash being manually modifier-activated this is doing higher dps for me than the current default Enh macros, including the “HP” high performance one.

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Interesting. I’m the exact same ilvl, using a GS macro, with an extra key to weave in more Stormstrikes and I get about 200-205k DPS. I SimC at 241k DPS, so given your ilvl, I have no idea how you’re getting 260k DPS?

Using a very popular Bot, that would pretty much doing a perfect rotation, it jumps up to about 215-220k DPS.

You’re numbers seem off, but one things holds true. For Shaman, a 2nd button that gets spammed with something in it for sure needs to be used for max DPS. 1 GS button can’t do it.

Seems legit but idk how to use it…
Can some one help set this up with ahk ?