GS Sub like him !


I try to make a GS for my sub rogue and would like to reproduce this sequence on this movie :

Premeditation, Slice and dice, cheap shot, ambush, garrot, marked of death, Primal combatant’s Badge of Conquest, Death from Above

But don’t find a method to begin again this sequence without to wait cooldown reload.

What you think about this ?

In all honesty I don’t think there is a way for anyone to create a 1 button macro to reproduce what you see in competitive PvP in any class. Otherwise you would see those competitive players using one button macros and I have yet to see anyone do that in any of their streams.

you should not do macros for pvp but you can do one for the opener for example this is mine /castsequence reset=10 Premeditation, Slice and Dice, Cheap Shot, Ambush, Hemorrhage, Kidney Shot, Marked for Death, Death from Above, Shadowmeld(Racial), Stealth that is the opener for my rogue you can erase the shadowmeld and stealth and change it for vanish if your rogue is not a nigth elf