GS with paladin macro, getting no errors, BUT

Hi guys

okay so i have installed GS and added a macro i found from this website, i copy pasted, followed steps learnt in tutorials that lovely people have made here…

so when i go into the game and go to create the macro with my selected icon and name etc, it creates the macro but the #showtooltip and /click (macro name) isnt appearing in the macro.

i copy and pasted the name from the sequences.lua as it reads exactly.

any help would be gladly appreciated!

thanks all

okay so its not me messing things up lol, i did all the same stuff on my bros computer and it worked like a charm

the differences between our computers are addons only, is there known issues for addons to cause GS not to show in your list of addons in game???

anyways im gonna keep working,

peace all.