GSE 2.2.0

While 2.1.05 for 7.3 is done and ready to roll, I have started work on 2.2.0. This will be a sizeable update and be scheduled for in between WOW patches. It will hit between 7.3.0 and 7.3.5 does. The scope of work is significant and input into the features proposed is requested.

#271 Add version option for Team
Similar to the options for PVP/Raid add the ability to set a macro to a specific version based on if you are in a group out in the world.

#336 Smart Versions Based on Talents
Similar to the Team one above, the aim is to be able to create a macro that updates to match a talent set. The use cases are Frost DK’s have a BOS build and an Oblit build. Have the macro configure to be one or the other based on which talent is chosen. A similar use case is druids with 4 specs as well as macro combinations. Character macros are limited to 16 per character and this could reduce the number of macro slots taken up for some of these classes. This idea needs more input.

#342 Create Compressed Import/Export Format
WeakAuras uses a similar internal construct for an aura as GSE does for a Sequence. However when you import a WeakAura you have a compressed string that is about 1/8th of the size. I want to add an option in GSE to do a similar thing. I’m hoping this will reduce the Copy/Paste errors and be a bit more practical for users.

#340 Create Alternating Loops Macro Type
Suggested by John Mets, allow a way to run the Macro X times then run the premacro X times then back to the macro again. This would be an extension of the Inner Loop options for macros.This idea needs more input.

#341 Refactor to move GUI back to Sub Mod (so it can be disabled for performance improvements)
You don’t need the GUI all the time. Some people would prefer to not load it when its not needed. Also the LDB plugin could be its own seperate entity again able to be disabled if not needed.