GSE 2.2.0

I have just released GSE 2.2.0 This is the first release in the 2.2 series and has a number of performance improvements over 2.1.07. The other highlight is a compressed import format (exporting to this is available from options). This should be a lot more consistent than the existing import format as it reduces the finger slips and missing ]'s. There are other things planned for the 2.2.00 series but to reduce risk and amount of change this has the infrastructure and behind the scenes changes.

From a performance point of view, the GUI for editing uses most of the resources that GSE needs. In 1.0 you could disable toe GUI but as it got further and further interconnected it needed to be on all the time. You can again disable the GUI should you wish for performance reasons. The same with the LDB plugin.

  • #352 Macro named PVP breaks GSE
  • #351 Merge issues
  • #342 Use Transmission Serialisation to create compressed import format enhancement
  • #341 Refactor to move GUI back to Sub Mod
  • #271 Add Configuration option for Party enhancement

I’m not expecting that people will want the compressed format day to day. I think it will be more used by plugin authors as it was a feature that they requested.

eg this is one of the compressed sample macros: d0ZBcaGEfs9sfkVvL61Gs3JkvEmjZwvDyIBcQ8lv8nfvBtHQDsP9kTBq2pkNMc)Lkv9BsDxvPHQiAWqnCQKdckUSWXOQoUcklevzPQKfRuz5qEOcQEQOLrrphyIkvnvLYKrvnDKlQq4DkqEgQ01vInQOSvfs2ScrBxbPptvMLQyAks9DqvJubX6uKmAuX4vaoPcOBPa11ueoVsAyuP0TPIDrLIRF3Q1VzcdCUF2cA1VwZU1eorH0JkqadneOB163TA9BEucGy4rmGqTqrTMnpkbqGyylbKkyyuacYDJ7wg(sCCjEXdpHOFWWdhTwl3MhLaig(sCCjErTt38OeaXW3K8diAQ5h)xgM3x4hasJCg0nj)aIMA(H7ldVhjEAig(slOANO5rjaIH591A(ehdeGQD8MhLaig(s8mG8yyEFn81oV5rjaIHNTGm0lago)cGtZXI1jrba0TA9BEib5fuafoRm8nKMJGCEV5hc)3AnBEaKGiHirbBTCBEucGy4BL2zNqVmmVabceSbIHVeVO2PBEucGy4BL2zNqVmmVVwZFNqCQDIMhLaig(wPD2j0lddZqfsqLAowSEf)qar3Q1V5bqcIeIefSLAMu4A2cKIm0qnNezOrg0APsn3KFarGMMpCF4(y(y(y(WT5qIVRMPbK3py4nb5fuZlXGFTMnHBL4yOQ1Sz6kudCFTZnBUpgPS8PA9BcZcXrJAoZaPHcgEWmm8A4)YOxDefsdCJs7uQula
is the equivalent of :

Sequences['SAM_Fury1'] = {
  SpecID = 72,
  Author = "Firone -",
  Help = "Single Target",
  Talents = "2,3,3,2,2,2,3",
  MacroVersions = {
    [1] = {
      StepFunction = "Priority",
      KeyPress = {
        "/targetenemy [noharm][dead]",
        "/cast [combat] Berserker Rage",
        "/cast [combat] Bloodbath",
        "/cast [combat] Avatar",
      [[/cast Execute]],
      [[/castsequence reset=60 Rampage,Battle Cry]],
      [[/cast Rampage]],
      [[/cast [talent:7/1] Bladestorm;[talent:7/3] Dragon Roar]],
      [[/cast Bloodthirst]],
      [[/cast Raging Blow]],
      [[/cast Furious Slash]],
      KeyRelease = {

Hmmm @Lutechi I found a bug with displaying a single line of code - It cuts off the end.

is that Cobol code ?, JCL

Hello Tim,

Thanks, I will look into it. Looks like its not wrapping it for some reason.

Hi Tim again,

I think I was able to fix it without breaking other stuff.

Interesting stuff that you were able to achieve :slight_smile:

Maybe someone can help me, I lost every marco I built in the game. All that is left is the SAM and HP ones. Any clue as to why it would just delete my marcos?

My best guess is despite me saying over and over to not do this, you edited code in the GSE folder in Addons which now no longer exists.