GSE 2.4.20 - for BfA and Classic

2.4.20 is about to be pushed to Curse. This has the updated TOC for Retail.

For Classic, there is a gotcha that people need to be aware of relating to Spell Ranks in macros.

TL;DR; - You may need to edit your macro and remove the Rank lines for spells that you don’t want to specify a rank for.

GSE uses a WoW API function GetSpellInfo to obtain information about the spells you know. In Retail ranks were removed a while back so the rank part of this function returns nothing. In Classic where it is supposed to return rank information it also returns nothing. Where this gets complicated is that in macros, you dont always want the rank anyway but you do want it when you want to specify a specific rank for casting a downranked spell. I would put a whole lot of technical stuff in here but have fixed the underlying problem. The consequence is that when you first load in your existing macros may not work.

Once 2.4.20 goes live, Edit your macros and remove any unnecessary Rank information and save them.